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John S.

Achieve Today Reviews
John S. Ireland

2009 to 2014 was a particularly tough time for me, I had lost my home  some years earlier, my business was suffering, I had closed 4 of our 5 restaurants, my beautiful CL 500 Mercedes went back to the bank, my credit cards were maxed out and I had no assets of any kind left.

To suggest 2014 was a low point for me is an understatement, my salary had fallen to less than minimum wage, with no dividends paid for the last number of years and the possibility of any further growth for the company was nil.


I was working 7 day a week with no direction, no interest and no hope for the future.


In September I came across Achieve today, I was curious.

I came to the programme a sceptic, after  many  years  of  studying  and indeed  participating  in all sorts of  personal development and personal growth courses  I  had come to the conclusion  that  few if any of them worked in ways of producing tangible results.


Boy was I wrong!


Today I sit here less than six months after my first contact with Achieve today, our remaining  restaurant  the original flag ship,  is now stable and in profit, it will pay divides this year, the first time since 2007 and we are now looking for other sites.


I am more focused and motivated   then I have been for many years I now allow myself to focus on me. I am working on personal projects that will produce extra revenue for me this year, guaranteed.


I feel more acceptance of other people even when they are negative I don’t have to judge them and don’t.


I have rediscovered my creative side and have awoken my passion for art and now intend to exhibit and sell my work.


I work 5 days a week at the restaurant and spend 2 days painting (something I could only have dreamed of, 6 months ago). In the near future I will work 3 days a week in the restaurants and spend 4 pursuing my passion.


I am once again going after my goals, I have a plan with direction and purpose, this is a big deal for me, the changes I have experienced are subtle yet real.


There is no doubt that none of this would have been possible without the help and guidance from my wonderful amazing coach Madeline and the team at Achieve today. 


I cannot recommend this programme enough,  it’s phenomenal, less than a year ago I was lost and  going through the motions,  I  now feel I will have success in everything I put my mind to. This information should be taught in college and every form of education. It changes lives.

If I had any regrets regarding the programme it was that I did not discover it earlier.


Thank you Madeline and team for showing me the way, I will be eternally grateful.


Best regards.


John S.

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