Launched in May 2008, Lifetick came about as the result of two like, but very different, minds recognizing an opportunity to help themselves with their own goals. One had the ideas whilst the other had the genius to pull it all together. You might like to call it a match made in heaven or more simply - the odd couple. Either way, a partnership was forged that
proved to be quite formidable.

Shane Maloney (CEO) and Tim Wilson (CTO) have now been successfully operating and growing Lifetick since its humble beginnings over ten years ago. In that time they’ve received more than 140,000 sign ups in over 100 countries. Furthermore, Lifetick has been used not just on a personal level, but also in schools, colleges, businesses large and small and by churches, life coaches, psychologists and researchers to name but a few. Lifetick quickly rose up the ranks of Google to become the number one search result for Online Goal Setting, further fueling its success.

When asked what is the secret to their ongoing success, the founders are in agreement. Says Shane “We wanted to create something that was founded on good methodology (S.M.A.R.T. goals), but also so stylish and intuitive that our clients were completely focused on their goals and not the tool. It may not serve as the inspiration for people’s dreams, but if it can remove just one roadblock to achieving them, then we’ve played our part.”

The team is excited about the opportunities ahead and are continuing to explore ways in which Lifetick can help people get to where they want in life.


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