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Don & Nancy Failla

Don and Nancy Failla are legendary network marketing and lifestyle trainers, and teach people how to create financial and time freedom with any network marketing company. Their book “Own Your Life: The 45 Second Presentation that Will Change Your Life” has sold over 9 million copies!

Just the fact you’re reading this short letter tells me you want to experience some dramatic change in your life. So congratulations for taking action.


To be right upfront – We are living proof that you can have anything you want in EVERY area of your life. In fact, you’ll be surprised at just what you can accomplish IF you just take that first step forward — just like we did.


And we want to help you do just that — starting today! Not next month. Not next week. Not tomorrow. I mean STARTING TODAY!


Don and Nancy Failla have been active in Network marketing for over 49   years.


They have been married for  52  years and have two sons and  five  grandchildren.


  • Don and Nancy have created a complete line of network training tools. They have been training in Network marketing since 1981. 

  • The Failla's travel the world teaching the principles and techniques of Networking.




  • Don is the author of the best selling book  "The BASICS' ,"How to build a large successful MLM organization". The new title for the 30 th anniversary edition is  The 45 Second Presentation

  • This book is also known as the napkin presentations. The new title, "the 45 second presentation is    available by going to www.45secondtools.com  For all languages click on local publishers.and click on local publishers. .          The book is in over 20   languages and has sold almost 9 million copies.. 

  • Don teaches long distance sponsoring and network building.

  • Don teaches how to start and duplicate your networking business. Teach a new person enough information in ten minutes so they can start sponsoring.

  • How to build your home based business the fun, fast and easy way.

  • Receiving residual income into the future,   He is a Lifestyle Trainer and has built networking organizations into the hundreds of thousands.

  • He is recognized as one of the leading networking experts in the world.

  • The originator of the popular "Networking Un-Convention Cruises", "Sizzle sessions" and the "Napkin Presentations".

  • Don will customize his training for groups or companies.

  • Don's residual income presentation helps new and experienced distributors understand what a home-based business can mean to them and their family.

  • He will do one on one consulting and small or large "Sizzle Sessions".

  • Don is a Graduate of the University of Washington with a degree in Sociology. He held the Pole Vault record in 1960.




  •  Currently C.E.O. of fun.   ( Choose an Exciting Opportunity)

  •  Nancy is a Network marketing trainer and a Motivational speaker.

  •  Nancy will customize her training to your group or company.

  •  Experienced Emcee and recognized expert.

  •  Retired Sales manager and Vice President of a national corporation.

  •  Winner of numerous Speaking awards.

  •  Extensive Radio and T.V experience.

  •  Nancy works well with translators.

  •  She is a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Journalism in Radio and T.V.

  •  She is the Author of    “The Time for Women is Now”  and Fun to be Free.”

  •  Nancy does workshops or presentations on working with Women and for Men who like to work with women in networking


Lots of experience working with translators.  Both simultaneous and consecutive




Don and Nancy are available for group dinners, recognition rallies, conventions and informal get-togethers.   They travel the world and work together teaching groups dynamics and are available to develop new material for your group or company.    They will help you to recognize the perfect prospect.   They will teach you how to use the 45 second presentation to recognize a prospect.   Most important of all they will teach you how to have fun building your Networking business.   The most important thing is Don teaches his SYSTEM  for building a home based business which is the  fastest  way possible to do it. 


  • Nancy teaches you how to have fun building your business and vision for lifestyle and leadership.    The title to her presentation is YOUR LIFE CAN BE AMAZING.


Learn more at: www.donandnancyfailla.com


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