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In a Funk? 3 Steps to Help You Crawl Out

It’s never a pleasant feeling when you’re down and out.

These days, it seems the majority of the population has been stressed, worried and confused.

Things have gotten tough out there. There’s an overall feeling of uncertainty about the world in general. On top of that, people are no longer feeling the same sense of security they’ve relied on for so long regarding their health, financial well-being and safety.

When you combine all of this, it can certainly lead to being in what I would only describe as a funk.

When you’re in a funk, it’s tough to get out of bed in the morning. There’s a lack of passion in your life. Nothing to feel excited about.

You feel helpless. You have no hope. Overall, it’s probably one of the worst feelings there is because it’s all-encompassing.

On the other hand, it isn’t easy to force yourself to feel any differently than you currently do. This is why before you take action, it’s a good idea to practice self-awareness. Otherwise you’re just placing a band-aid on an infection.

So to help you deal with being in a funk, I’ll share a few of my techniques that have always helped me when I’ve found myself in one.

And yes, I do get into a funk every now and then. The idea is not to stay in it.

In a Funk? 3 Steps to Help You Crawl Out

1. Be Present

When you feel like the world’s against you, it’s easy to want to distract yourself, run or evade reality.

Sometimes, these things work. If used as a means for temporary relief, in conjunction with mindfulness and an ability to face your inner-world, then this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

But, if you always try to run away from your feelings or circumstances, as much as I hate to say it – they’ll catch up with you. When they do, it won’t be pretty.

Being in a funk is a way to get to know what’s going on inside of you. It’s an opportunity to examine your inner-world.

Maybe you need to investigate some of your current belief systems that no longer serve you. Or, perhaps it’s just time for a change.

Either way, if you can be brave enough to stay present and allow your emotions to communicate with you freely, you’ll have a better chance of getting to the root of the problem. This is how you start dealing with the infection.

Ever notice how an unchecked infection spreads? What may have started off as easily curable suddenly took on momentum and now it invades the surrounding areas – causing an overall decline of your health.

This is what it means to be in a funk.

One situation may have been the culprit. But because every aspect of our lives influences another, before we know it, what started out to be an isolated issue now includes several other factors in your day to day existence.

When you’re present, you are willing to face yourself. You aren’t trying to run away. Instead, you’re using courage to be the guiding force in your life.

2. Keep an Open Mind

The benefit to keeping an open mind has to do with expanding your perspective.

When you’re willing to see things from several different angles, you’re in a position to transcend limiting thoughts and beliefs into multiple possibilities.

When you’re in a funk, you feel as though there’s no way out. Depending on how you view things, you may be right. This isn’t objective truth you’re dealing with, though. It’s just that the walls you’ve constructed in your life are closing in.

Those walls aren’t there naturally. They come from within you. If you want to remove them, you’ll need to remind yourself, consistently, that YOU are in charge of your inner conversations, your outlook, and your self-imposed limitations.

A quick and efficient exercise you can do to get the ball rolling is to ask yourself:

“Am I seeing everything there is? Or am I just reacting to everything I’ve experienced so far?

If you stay present, face your emotions and deliberately attempt to create some wiggle room through keeping an open mind, you may be surprised to discover that things aren’t as solid as they appear.

3. Immerse Yourself in Something Pleasant

When I suggest finding something pleasant to focus on, I’m not promoting solipsism, denial nor escaping yourself.

The truth is, there’s a time and a place to do some of the tough work to free yourself from this pit you’re in – and there’s a time to step back and breathe a little.

When you find things to enjoy, the idea is to allow some creativity into your life.

You can’t rely on your intellect alone to think your way out of a funk. It’s best to combine the abilities of your mind to work alongside your heart. This is how you find balance.

When you’re involved in something pleasant, your stress levels decrease. You aren’t so tense. You’re able to receive insight into things you may not have thought of before because you’re feeling free and relaxed.

So the moral of the story is –

The next time you find yourself in a funk, face your pain.

Don’t run.

Be a seeker.

Use the ideas presented here the next time you find yourself in a funk.

You may be pleasantly surprised to see how effective they are.

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