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suzan S.

Achieve Today Reviews
Suzan S, Aledo, TX.

I was struggling with issues such as self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and weight gain. My coach had productive resources for me every time we talked. 

I’ve been through an amazing transformation. Issues I have struggled with ALL my life have been resolved. We did a lot of clearing in our sessions. I practiced the clearing in between sessions and tapped into the resources provided to me by my coach.


For the first time in my marriage of 46 years, I feel worthy of my husband’s love.


I learned how to cope with my anxiety/panic disorder, losing the weight I had gained due to self-esteem issues, and my marriage has been rejuvenated. My mindset changed entirely. It was like someone flipped a switch and I came out on the other side a new person. We worked on Success Principles, Law of Attraction and Relationship skills.

I haven’t attracted any additional money as of yet, but I’ve been very preoccupied with improving my personal skills and am now open to receiving money. All the other issues were in the way and did not allow me to focus much on money.


I have more than achieved my goals for personal development. That was the main focus of my sessions with my coach. He did a lot of crisis management. I had been involved with several scams and lost a lot of money. He helped me work through that by providing me with resources to overcome the feelings of personal failure and anxiety/panic attacks. I have overcome my limiting beliefs through clearing techniques.

I am now able to see my way clear to improve my finances.

I feel very confident that if I can overcome a lifetime of self-esteem issues, I can attract great wealth.


I will continue to do my clearing so that I can maintain the immense progress I have made in my personal development. My relationship with my husband is now amazing. it’s like it was when we first met. All those years of suffering through low self-esteem, depression and anxiety attacks are now gone.


My husband is tremendously grateful. There has been such a huge change for me that I am so grateful for. My Gratitude Journal is added to everyday.


Thank you

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