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Anne a.

Achieve Today Reviews
Anne A. Las Vegas, Nevada

I want to thank you again because my time with you jump started such incredible changes. Isn’t it amazing to look back and see things from a broad prospective, then realize how all of them are interconnected, and express so much appreciation? This is mainly how I’m feeling right now!

I signed up with Achieve Today and had coaching sessions with you from September to October. Remember my first ever miracle? You taught me how to lovingly claim my power back from the very people who were unintentionally holding me down--my family. I moved to my own apartment last October 26! Since then, I’ve loved being by myself, and continuously enjoying the peace, fun, and challenges that come with it.


Speaking of family, a lot of changes took place and are still taking place with them right now. My brother is progressively recovering from the stroke and is back to his job. My sister got permanent at her job and is very happy with her love life and children. My mom is living with my brother, so that she can get away from my dad and can take care of my brother until the wife and daughter comes (from the Philippines). My dad is finally experiencing peace with my mom being away. Oh…and my brother actually told my mom to talk to me so that she’d live with me eventually. Over dinner, I lovingly but firmly told my mom that no, she cannot and will not live with me. :)


Right now I’m progressing with my masters - straight A’s so far!

As I’ve worked on aligning myself to Source, primarily through daily gratitude and a rampage of appreciation, life became easier and serene…which is what I’d consider miracle #2. I believe I shared with you that despite the fiasco going on at my job, I completely felt like I was in a protective bubble. That was one example of the results. Then money seemed to just flow--always having enough to pay bills, no matter how extravagant I felt on spending. Coupons, sales, deals, and discounts are always available for my purchase (e.g. I got a great couch for a little over $100). I get treats, freebies, and unexpected gifts (e.g. someone gave me a coffee table). I’m still at awe!


Here’s my miracle #3: CPA license. Aside from the desire for a better working environment, I wanted to quit my government job because I needed to accumulate audit hours for the license. But then the law was changed, and I wasn’t even aware that it’s in the works. My governmental audit hours count! So I started counting and determined I still have more than a year to go. Of course I’m already excited! But to make matters even better, someone pointed out a couple months after that the position I held in this same government agency prior to the audit should count as well. After a few phone calls and research, I was given the go signal to just apply. At this point, I’m finishing the last few of the bunch of paperwork and requirements…goal is to submit before the last week of April, in time for the State Board of Accountancy’s meeting on


May 17.

For my miracles 4 and 5: job/money.




- After that whole fiasco at my current job, almost everybody hated our lady boss. I can’t seem to understand because I love her. All she had been to me is good (gave me hours flexibility, stuff for my apartment, advice…she always trusted my judgment, believed in my skills and potential, became a paparazzi for my citizenship ceremony, and even helped me out one whole Saturday in trading in my car). So she finally quit and accepted a director job at a non-profit organization built for a state-chartered school. Why am I saying this? Because she offered me a job at the state-chartered school. I met everyone there and they are all nice! I will be the Controller. I start on Monday, April 14. What surprises me even more is the fact that I’ve always been drawn to children and youth programs. In fact, this is usually what I get involved in for my Rotary club. By technically being the overall manager of school finances, I’m part of everything, and they said I get to deal with the students. I was there this past Tuesday to sign papers, and they’ve pretty much started discussing work matters with me, just because they’re excited to have me on board. They really need me they said because the school has grown in the last year, and expansion projects are rapidly being implemented. I’m both nervous and thrilled!!! Yes I constantly desire the new job, but I’m amazed how I wasn’t even looking for a new job anymore…and this just landed on my lap. Effortless…no formal application, no interviews. The lady boss even guaranteed it by saying the job’s mine and waiting for me whenever I’m ready to start.


- Another job opened at the same government agency I’m at, but a different division. I actually applied for it and passed the test. Although there are other great candidates, I was surprised that the boss for this one called me in her office and confirmed if I still want to be interviewed (because she knows I resigned). From the sound of it, they want to pick me, since they know how I work. I declined. But again, it’s so awesome that I have these opportunities, and yet I still have a job anyway.





- The government has restored some health benefits. They also released the hold on step pay increases. All effective July 1, 2014. Either way, if I continue my job, I’d be getting a raise…of about 4%.

- If they pick me for the other divisional job, my pay would still increase by 13%.

- In this new job I’m starting, my pay is 37% more. :)

- Due to high stress and so many other personal tasks I need to complete, I asked if I can just be off the last 3 days of my final week and use my vacation hours. They said yes. Except for upper management, nobody else knows about my resignation, because I’m headed to the lady boss they all hate, and I want to work in peace during my final 2 weeks. My immediate supervisor’s ‘bullying’ of me seem to get worse…and he doesn’t know I’m quitting. I just don’t let it bother me, but upper management surprisingly cares about me so much. If I’m not quitting, they really wanted me to take the other divisional job. Since I’m quitting, and they’re actually on the side of the lady boss, they completely understand my situation. Anyway, so this past Monday morning, they encouraged me to just go home. I said I still want to work until Tuesday, just to make sure that my unfinished tasks are well-documented for the next person. So come Tuesday, I sneaked out during lunch (so the supervisor and co-workers don’t know). They formally announced my resignation yesterday, Wednesday. Sorry for the long story…but I had to give this background because of the money part. Upper management wanted me to use sick time instead for the rest of the days they’re allowing me to be off, because I don’t get paid for any leftover sick hours. They’d rather have my leftover vacation hours untouched (I have about 200+ hours) so I get paid for all of those. Isn’t that the best??? I had to email them and I actually said I’m giving them a virtual hug. :) I feel sooooo loved!


I’m appreciative of everything that’s happening!


By the way, I’ve connected with one of the other Achieve Today young coaches. She came to Vegas along with other Achieve Today staff to meet up with Dr. Joe Vitale. I had a few minutes of chat with her! Then she introduced me to the Achieve Today people! They simply asked what made me sign up for a coaching program, and what it has done so far. Of course I gave a testimonial-sounding speech. :)


It was FUN!


I love you!!!

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