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Brittany Thompson

Brittany Thompson

I am a wife of 13 years to my middle school sweetheart and mother to 3 children ages 12, 10, and 5. I’m a real estate entrepreneur who teaches others to become the same. I’m a certified minister and speaker.

Brittany Thompson

Since 2019 I have earned multiple 6 figures in real estate and built a 7 figure portfolio including apartments on a part time basis.


John Maxwell Team Certified Speaker, Trainer, & Coach

Certified DISC Consultant 

Certified Extreme Execution Coach


Owner 👉🏽 LB Thompson Group LLC - A real estate investing firm that specializes in utilizing different strategies to redevelop neighborhoods and create generational wealth.


Founder 👉🏽 The Wholesalers Roundtable™️ - Where We Educate, Empower & Equip others in their Real Estate Investment Journey.


Creator 👉🏽™ 90 Day Coaching Program - I help aspiring entrepreneurs find, get, and close their first real estate deal in 90 days or less.


Creator 👉🏽™ Podcast -  The purpose of this podcast is to impact, inspire, and influence aspiring investors in their journey of real estate investing. It’s meant to remove the limiting beliefs of why you can’t or shouldn’t invest in real estate.


Developer in Training👉🏽 Planning & Building a Multi-Acre Townhome community. 


Single & Multi-family REI Investor 👉🏽 Currently own Units, Acreage, Storage and Single Family Homes.

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