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cantey t.

Achieve Today Reviews
Cantey T. Charlotte, North Carolina

When I started into the program, I was newly divorced but not yet complete with our equitable distribution, after a 33+ year marriage. Our friends from Charlotte didn’t choose between us which was positive. However, they were not supportive and were mostly absent. The mortgage industry, in which I had been engaged, was going through a metamorphosis which was and still is detrimental to the good of homeowners and potential homeowners. My mortgage business had taken a downturn because of those government regulations and the economy. 

I had no access to joint funds. I had no money coming in and was actually having to put money into my business. I was living on charge cards, a practice in which I have never participated. In general, I was down, blue, less energetic and enthusiastic, tired and numb. I had not forgiven myself for mistakes that I had made. I felt deep hurt that my ex-husband placed blame and took no responsibility for his actions in our marriage. I also lacked self-confidence in some ways to be resourceful enough to pull myself out of the situation in which I had found myself. I did not want to be that person. I wanted my energy and enthusiasm back. I wanted to find a direction to have a life that was complete, joyful and self-fulfilling. I was needing passion in my life.


The Law of Attraction basically means that what you think about in a positive and negative way, you will get in a positive or negative way. It doesn’t mean that you would like something, like a better job. It means you "have a better job". In changing that way of thinking, I have become a strong believer in what life can bring to you if you really want it, you think about it in the right way and you take action to get it. The law of allowing enables us to powerfully and passionately permit our focus with the law of attraction to become a reality. We were born into an environment where we all have choices. This is the beauty in our world which gives each us the opportunity to find our passion, our calling. I believe that I am here to create continual growth-to work on myself. If I want something different in my life, I know that I can create it. We can at any moment make a difference in our lives by using the Law of Attraction and the others to bring miracles into our lives. I have seen it happen in mine.


I am like a new person after going through the coaching. I have been able to forgive myself. I am joyous and self-expressed. I believe I am living my life in a more authentic way, with more integrity. I have become complete with my past, with my ex-husband and with other family members. I have found friends from the past with whom I have relationships that I cherish. Relationships with my friends from birth have developed into an even much deeper, more "below the line" sister-like bonds than they were before. I have a wonderful future and am so excited about living it.


By living the Law of Attraction, I have seen the miracles of bringing income into my life. My mortgage company has become more successful. I have received income from areas where I least expect it. I have been able to pay off all charge card debt-almost $100,000 worth and have some left over on which to live.


Because of what I have learned through the Miracles program and my association with my coach, I am a significantly different person. I had someone stop me on the street the other day and ask me what had happened to me. I seemed so different. I am different because I now have a faith in myself that I had lost. I know I can do whatever I put my mind to doing. I don’t question myself like I did and stop myself from trying things because of the limiting beliefs of my past. I am worthy of great things and I am in the frame of mind to make great things happen.


I believe that I am living a more powerful life and a life of love. I live in a world of positive beliefs and attitudes, because I there is not anything else that could make me happy. I spent much of my life being positive on the outside but hurting on the inside and no one knew. I wouldn’t even admit that to myself. Now, I am able to get past obstacles without getting thrown for a loop. Obstacles seem more like challenges which I embrace as a way to grow.


Because of the materials I have studied in this course and the guidance of my coach, I see a world more of appreciation. My focus is outside on others rather than on myself. What I have found is that friends from my past are showing up with love. I have developed a relationship with a wonderful man who I adore and who adores me. I have changed the relationship with my husband over the last year so that is a meaningful and loving relationship and let go of the raw feelings of the past allowing us to move through our settlement with less stress and hurt. I have also let go of the disappointments with our joint friends with whom I rarely talk or see. I just decided to love them through it. I am so happy that my faith is stronger and my belief in what I can make happen in my life is unflappable. My responses are different to situations and my energy level is high. I was asked to be Legislative Chair and President-Elect of NCAMP (North Carolina Association of Mortgage Professionals). These life changes are directly related to what I have learned and changes I have made because of the Miracles Program and the direction of my coach.

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