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Achieve Today Reviews

Thank you so much for being such a great coach. You listened to my concerns, responded to my questions, and matched my style in some great ways. The personal development coaching program showed up at the perfect time for me, which is certainly no coincidence, since I put out a clear intention. I joined this program in order to break through unconscious limiting beliefs and counter intentions. Rather than achieving incremental growth, I was ready for exponential growth. This included a desire for a significant increase in income from my business.

I have studied the Law of Attraction for many years. I have attended many workshops, trained as a personal development coach, and read many books on these subjects. The challenge was in overcoming what I didn’t know I didn’t know, although it was obvious something was unconsciously blocking my results.


The most profound, result-oriented things I have learned involve clearing limiting beliefs and counter intentions. I have put the power of intention to the test, and have gotten awesome results. I am clear that paying attention to the moment to moment thoughts and feelings that are running, often below awareness, have a big impact on how I think and feel. Tuning in and checking to see if something needs to be cleared is now a regular, consistent practice. This has resulted in feeling fabulous energetically. My relationships were already very good, and they have improved. Even not allowing myself to criticize other drivers, (no matter how badly they are driving!) enables me to stay in a state of gratitude and love.


Concrete results in my business are also showing up. New people are joining my team, leaders are showing up, and my income is on a steady, upward trajectory. My income last month doubled from what it had been over the past 6 months or so. It looks like it will double again within the next month. The results in the physical world are affirming. I have also consistently gotten positive feedback from colleagues, friends, and mentors within my business and outside of it, related to vibrancy, leadership, and the ability to attract good into my life.


This was clearly the jump start I needed to support me in moving forward in my goals faster and more effectively. This is a very exciting time in my life. I appreciate the work Joe Vitale has done. Partnering with Achieve Today is highly effective, including access to the electives, the library, and the people-resources. Thanks for making this such a worthwhile endeavor! I am confident that the positive results will continue to flow.

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