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Danne H.

Achieve Today Reviews
Danne H. Oslo, Norway

Thank you so much for creating the Coaching Program. It’s amazing, and it has totally changed my way of thinking and my life.

A dark negative cloud has been over my head, following me for as long as I

can remember. But now it has disappeared. It’s so fantastic, and I feel so relieved.


If something negative comes up, I just release it by itself. I am also starting to think in abundance. I now do not think negative about money. My wonderful coach helped me find my limiting beliefs and how to deal with them and let them go. It’s wonderful to talk to a person like my coach who understands what I am going through. He also has the solutions and answers, which is so different from what I’m used to. Our conversations give me what I have been waiting for all my life.


So many great things happened after I started with my miracles coach. Now I get feedback that is so much more positive from people. My friends see changes in me, being so much more energized and happy. For instance, a couple of weeks ago, a friend told me that she has never met anyone else being so much of an inspiration than I was to her (this makes me so proud).


I get more invitations than ever before. When I went back to work last Friday, after three weeks off, I was offered a new position with very different tasks and a lot more responsibility. I never expected this. I hope that this new position also comes with a greater income as well. The training is already in progress, and I plan to discuss a salary increase when the proper moment occurs.


The Ho’oponopono (the idea that I am responsible for everything in my life) is implemented so I don’t have to think about saying the words (it just starts automatically): I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you. If anything happens, or if a negative thought is trying to get my attention, it’s just so wonderful to change. I feel so happy and I really believe that life has so much more to offer.


I’m finally on the right path in life, thanks to you and your wonderful program.


Best regards. 

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