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Deirdre L.


Even though I only started this course, without a personal coach, almost 3 months ago. I have had some amazing shifts of energy and experienced healing in my life!

Carefree Drive

Life has been like a hurdle race, one challenge after the other with only a few respites. There were not any areas in my life that were functioning and I literally felt as though I was on my knees down the bottom of a very black tunnel, I could see the light up above, but I could not see a way to get out of it.

For some reason I could not get work and clients were few (I’m a Homeopath and Health Coach), my finances meager and felt it hard to survive, my relationship and marriage of 30 years had come to an end and I had really bad health and felt depressed.

So, I decided to make changes, and left the empty and toxic relationship of 30 years and moved back to my homeland on a wing and a prayer, and, it nearly killed me, on all levels. The emotional pain was so great that It all culminated in me ending up in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit with a life-threatening illness. Yep, me who thought I was healthy... had a sub massive pulmonary embolism in both my lungs, behind my knee and in my thigh. I nearly died, but was spared, didn’t even have a stroke and only minimal damage to my heart. It took a while and I was terrified as I was living on my own and could hardly walk in a little town in the country as I couldn’t afford to live in the City where I used to live before I left.

As you can imagine, it was a very lonely time but I was blessed with 2 angels who helped me as much as they could, given their own circumstances. This all happened in June 2016 a year after the move back with a broken heart. As a homeopath I knew why I had become ill and that our thoughts and emotions affect our body and can create disease.

At that time I felt so bad that, at times I really wished that I had died, I felt so alone and lonely and was in great physical pain too. I was also on medication, blood thinners which I suffered major side effects from and had very little quality of life, so I just asked the Universe for help.

The Universe reminded me that I had many healing skills and knowledge acquired through the years, and could heal myself. So, I pretended that I was a Client and made a program of healing for myself, stopped the medication, and felt a remarkable change just after 24 hours... Instead I took herbs and homeopathic remedies and eventually changed my diet to 80 raw plant based nutrition. Needless to say, it has been a bumpy ride but the change was incredible and I could see what I already knew that ‘Food really is Medicine’. I also exercised and used Mindfulness and invested in some hypnosis downloads.

Then came another breakthrough, in the form of synchronicity, the lovely consult Olivia contacted me and told me about the iAchieveToday Course and it was perfect timing because I was ready, I really wanted to change my life in every area. So, I signed up and I so appreciate that they told me that money wasn’t an issue and we found a payment which was doable, because otherwise I couldn’t have afforded the course, but they took that into consideration and told me that when my circumstances changed I could upgrade at a later date. It will return to them a hundredfold... So, I decided that fate had intervened, yet again, and was giving me an opportunity to heal myself. I have always had an enormous interest and respect for hypnotherapy and the connection between our mind, body and soul and have even taken a weekend course in NLP a long time ago.

I started there and then, the 18th September 2018 and have had an amazing response, it is still a work in progress, and will be for the rest of my life, but I have managed, in this short time, to really change my vibration and have had some major breakthroughs, with my intuition at an all time high and very clear thoughts and impulses coming through on a daily basis.

Wonderful people have come into my life, new friends and even a new love interest! And, I have even been asked to give a seminar on the Menopause in the Spring of 2019, which could be a new beginning career-wise for me... either way it’s a great opportunity.

My perspective on life has changed immensely and I now wake up every morning feeling grateful and excited for what the day might bring! My health is much improved and my energy levels are mostly very good considering how I was feeling before, and I know that I will now heal myself completely after having been ill most of my life. The joy inside me is bubbling and wants to get out! And people tell me that I look amazing for my age, which by the way is 69 years young!

One of the biggest shifts for me was learning about my own energy and how my thoughts, whether negative or positive influence my experience with the rest of the world. As they say, if you want to change your environment, change yourself...

I have also decided to study hypnotherapy as a professional, it is something I always wanted to do.

Thank you so much for your time and I wish whoever may read this a life full of abundance and opportunities. This is truly an amazing tool for healing your life and together with loads of fruit, veggies and organic homemade food, exercise, sleep and loads of fun, you too can change your life when you change your way of looking at things and work on all those unconscious self limiting beliefs. This course will help you to be who you really are...


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