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Dr. Anne D.

Achieve Today Reviews
Dr. Anne D.

My life has never been so exhilarating. My connection to the Divine has deepened, due to my studies and coaching at Achieve Today. I am so grateful to my coach and the teachings, which introduced me to the concept that limiting beliefs block success. My personal mission is to also help transform people: their mind, body, and soul.

Since I started at Achieve Today in August, I have established a personal mission to dare something worthy, and now my life is changing. I am filled with joy, my confidence has increased, and I have unprecedented positive energy. I owe this success to my coach: my enlightened miracle-worker.


The revelation that I’m responsible for everything in my life, as well as my new ability to detach from the outcome of my life’s experiences/desires, has radically changed my thinking and attitude. Equally significant is the identification and clearance of my limiting beliefs. Emotional barriers surrounding my twenty-year old son have suddenly dissolved; and our relationship has started to bloom. Moreover, my manager treats me with more respect.


Miraculous opportunities are suddenly presenting themselves, which facilitates the achievement of my personal mission: to become an author, spiritual leader, and inspirational speaker (who also wants to implement optimal health and wellness programs in doctor’s offices). During the past two weeks, $50,000 manifested itself unexpectedly; I gave a powerful faith sharing at my church (inspired by God); I led a discussion on the labyrinth (as a meditation tool) at a nearby church; and a friend has decided to help me implement the wellness programs.


Thank you, thank you, and thank you. You have transformed my life; and I know that I am uplifting those around me. I am so deeply grateful to be part of the ripples of goodness in the world, which you initiated.

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