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duncan M.

Achieve Today Reviews
Duncan M. United Kingdom

I would describe myself as an entrepreneur, guided to build multiple income streams through either desperation or inspiration! I have a very solid foundation in a loving wife and family and my desire was to enhance the lives of us all, by helping other individuals and companies, through my business activities.

I stumbled upon the Achieve Today coaching program as I dug deeper after a very informative coaching video with Joe Vitale. I had a coach some time ago and he paid massive benefits and Achieve Today appeared as I was ready to learn once more. My desire to learn to be guided ended up being more powerful than my apprehension to hand over the cash. It is easier as you understand the money is more like energy and works so much better when it flows.


My focus with my coach is on personal development. I already knew quite a lot about the techniques popularized by Napoleon Hill and I wanted more breadth and depth. I believe the answers to better health, wealth and happiness all lie within, which is why I chose coaching on personal development. I have followed the guidance my coach has given me, and my life has mushroomed ever since.


My main income stream was from my web design and optimization company. Since taking on a coach I felt inspired to launch more spiritual companies to spread what I had learnt about love, Ho’oponopono and hado. Despite being a great online marketer I wasn’t thinking too much about monetizing my own websites. Since taking a class on that subject, I have now included product lines on


My secondary income source is from Portrait Wedding Photographers. There has been a significant increase in photographic work from weddings to property photography, a percentage gain over the previous month of 300%.


The amazing thing is that my coaching has never been on business. It is personal development! Once your mind is focused, a little effort on your business seems to pay greater and greater rewards. So I would say that my coaching, by concentrating on personal development has:


* Dramatically increased my awareness of what some people call the Law of Attraction and how to harness its power

* Allowed me to develop a deeper love of everyone and everything

* Attract the right type of customers to my businesses


My focus continues to develop; I create goals and sub goals that lead me towards the lifestyle I desire. I have that end result in mind, a lifestyle on a fly in community in Florida. Surrounded by family and friends I enjoy the fruits of my endeavors. I fly my own aircraft for fun and drive my cars for the sheer thrill they give me. I know though that I only have these things because I concentrated on giving. Giving the best service from every business, giving to worthy causes and most importantly giving my faith that it would be so.

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