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Gael-Sylvia pullen

Gael-Sylvia Pullen

Gael-Sylvia is a pioneering businesswoman, prolific sought-after speaker, and ardent philanthropist with an astute, multi-cultural background.

Gael Sylvia

Her life’s goal is to empower and inspire all to see the good that is around us. Acting out of her core values to be responsive and get results with integrity. She is the founder of Sylvia Global Media; a global digital production company distributing content and that serves as a sphere of influence for women and girls around the world.


She is a master storyteller and passionate presenter helping people know their purpose and the desired outcomes you want to achieve. Whether it’s a life or business context, Gael-Sylvia’s experiences and perspective moves and inspires individuals, businesses and organizations to feel better about themselves. She gladly shares easy-to-follow, proven steps for building brand value with her audiences.


Gael-Sylvia’s has an overarching theme for her talks: it’s “all about the good around them.” GaelSylvia instructs your audience members to gain insights into their own behaviors that redirect focus on untapped resources in community relationships, marketing and personal development. She helps them become the Fixers that your customers are seeking to solve their problems. As a Fixer, she shows you how to help them open their minds and discover their creativity. Drawing from her 35-plus years of global community engagement and business experience, Gael-Sylvia helps your audiences understand how to make themselves and their brands attractive to their customers, as well as how innovation can differentiate them from their competitors.


Gael-Sylvia is authentically refreshing, captivating and insightful on stage. Her unique background is richly diverse and distinguishes her passion with confidence, clarity, credibility and humor. Her presentation style makes each attendee feel as if she is in personal conversation with them alone, connecting quickly to communicate her message with purposeful messaging, engaging wit, creative insights, thought-provoking ideas and captivating storytelling. Allowing time for Q & A gives your audience personal access to bonus information she desires them to have as a take-away.


Satisfied audiences from Gael-Sylvia’s talks for JP Morgan, USC and other universities, women’s organizations and media outlets all agree that Gael-Sylvia’s message, wisdom and inspiration are valuable long after the session is over. That’s when your participants go back to their lives, work and community to think… to think differently and approach opportunities from a refreshed perspective of influencing change because of the good around them.

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