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gretchen T.

Gretchen T - This has generated over $35,000 in revenue in ONE. WEEK.

Here’s a rapid-fire testimonial of my recent experiences as a brand new coach in my very first week (so exciting!!!)

Meditation by the Sea

Because of your coaching, (and specifically you helping me with how to close each individual sale), I was able to close 16 clients out of 22 (2 of which I will be reaching back out to follow up and I’m confident they will be on the schedule soon). I also have 8 more consultations this week with more flooding in on the daily.

With these 16 paid clients, this has generated over $35,000 in revenue in ONE. WEEK.

Not only that, but half of them are starting now, and the other half are locked into my next grouping that will kick off in January. It’s AMAZING to know I already have 6 months almost booked out, and still growing!

I also have been asked to present at my local Orange Theory as I have become very close with the wonderful community of 500+ members there. Another major opportunity to change lives on a larger platform!!!

I just spoke with an accountant and I think he fell off his chair when I told him the projections of my coaching business lol so we will be preparing accordingly for major growth!

When I went into this, I remember in my interview holding back tears talking about my “why” for wanting to be a coach. My main reason was to be a witness to the miracles and the magic within others. To be their guide and help them see the beauty in them that others see.

I have file folders of all my clients laid out as I work to find an organized system, and I see the numbers growing of lives I can impact and be a part of. The abundance that comes with it is the icing on the cake, and I’m speechless over the numbers. It feels like a dream filled with joy, fulfillment, and freedom.

Thank you, Adam, for all you’ve done for me and for all the coaches you bless. I am forever indebted and grateful for you. The ripple effect of your work continues to grow and grow!

- Gretchen

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