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Achieve Today Reviews
Hedi C. Australia

When I came into the coaching program I was really, and yes I do mean, rock bottom down in the dumps depressed, and that is an understatement. I so wanted off this world hoping that I would not need to wake up because I did not think I could battle this world much longer. 

I knew I was down and just barely short of out. It is not in my nature to give up, but the Non-Stop Disasters that hit me from January 1 this year (at least one Major Disaster per month for 9 consecutive months and on each occasion) it compounded on previous disaster. Example, a huge debt to purchase a new car that suddenly died beyond repair on Jan 1, other things around house etc. also broke down that needed fixing . I am on a low income – retired. I had a very nasty injury in March and now September am only just now healing.  But in the meantime, multiple injuries added to my woes, each one worse than the one before, and not to be outdone, additional illness. You are getting a hugely abbreviated and simplified list of woes – which I was suffering when I started searching the Internet for Self Help Options which accidentally led the path to Achieve Today.


Along the solo path on the internet, I found some help. Not enough to pull me out of my hell, but it gave me hope that maybe as only the Universe can do.


Somehow, totally uncharacteristic of me I gave my details for Coaching but forgot about it because it was based in USA and myself in Australia; hence I never expected a follow up. Yet a follow up came. Nathan called me. I initially thought he was cold canvassing, or someone did a naughty and handed out my number, or clever phone search etc.,  yet again uncharacteristic for me, I let him talk and we talked.. Usually, the phone gets put down before the end of the 1st sentence when someone cold calls to sell. Long Story short, I signed up, got myself into a debt I did not really want but at the same time I knew within me that I needed the help and somehow knew within me I was going to get the help I needed if in fact it was possible to help me. Yes that fear was present because I firmly thought I was beyond helping.


Now I am signed up and I am reading Testimonials and to be direct I thought to myself, “Oh yeah this does not happen. No way is there anyone who has had so much improvement in a few weeks (4 weeks being the intro stage). Hence, I certainly never expected to be improved by any quantifiable amount at any early stage. Instead, I promised myself to be content, to keep it going and work at it for as long as my gut told me that this is home and my safety net and where I should be. That feeling was present from day one.


So now I am working my way around all the info that Achieve Today provides; and yes I read many hours a day and listened to lots of recordings and I did jump the gun a bit but certainly I believed that I was welcome to research and find what I needed from day to day. I found what I needed to keep me going from day to day a bit like eating day to day to stay alive. Without realizing at the time I was starting to cope; still erratic but coping.


Of course, Achieve Today helps from multiple fronts and another very important help was the real person on the other end of the phone, my coach phoning me weekly for 4 consecutive weeks. Now I also had/have a real person to person conversation. This allows more in-depth digging to find the cause of my questions, my problems, and my fears which then allows a direct immediate answer and homework to be set and done. 1st things 1st we worked out how to get myself onto Skype for my all critical ability to phone in to Achieve Today. Now I have my coach. He gives me guidance and homework. I am listening to specific recordings and watching specific videos and writing down key points,  practicing points, and occasionally find nearby another recording and/or video that absolutely resonated with me thus a few more hours of listening, watching, practicing, learning from example items relating to Law of Attraction, Clearing (extremely necessary and still a work in progress but already big improvements), Gratitude, and to be TRUE TO MY GOALS!


I was/am grateful for the Coaching Team (a tremendous help). I would write an email and within the promised 24 hours (unless weekend of course) I would get a reply. On each occasion, I would ask an “how-to” that I felt would be able to help on a subject that had deeply stressed me. Because I received timely help I started to realize that I can ask a question and now relax. The answer will be here in 24 hours and that in itself was/is calming.


And then one day, who would have thought, just before my last call from Gregory, my coach – I realize,  “Gee – I am actually “Living In The Moment” Is it possible? Can I actually do that?


Yes – I find myself checking infrequently as to how I feel. I say heartfelt Thank You often per day with Gratitude. I am actually laughing  and I can recall a recent couple of days where I laughed and was generally happy for all the world to see. I visualize and feel what I wish to achieve and be. It works! It did for the short term and I trust it to work for longer-term and bigger projects. I BELIEVE THIS TO BE A QUANTIFIABLE RESULT!


I now consider my Achieve Today Debt to be an Investment. I know this is only a start the tide will ebb and flow. I will fall, but I am not so scared now. I know I have support and I know where to go looking for help. I am actually referring to being hand-fed because yes I will without a doubt need the Group Calls, and need the Coaching Team, and for sure my coach. But as well as I MUST also be proactive and keep looking and searching the library, the blogs, and all there is to find, or very likely return to previous found documents, recordings, videos for refreshing in order to be able to proceed.

It is my understanding that I must of course ALSO do the things requested because there IS A STRUCTURE that must be learned and followed  - no short cuts, no doing something different in lieu – it is - do what is meant to be done. Let my Coach guide the way and I do the mileage.


I am so hungry to learn and improve. It certainly is surprising the help that is provided from such a great distance.


I now have hopes and plans for a future, where not long ago I was just hoping to depart from this earth.

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