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Ilene C.

Achieve Today Reviews
Ilene C, Oceanside, CA.

For the last 6 years, my life has been a constant struggle. It was hard, and seemed like I was swimming against this huge current of the river. I kept pushing and have not been able to reach any point of anything I strive for. I was merely existing and I was getting tired of being tired, my energy depleted and life’s spirit dead.

I was in poor financial health, lost my home, no savings, no retirement plans. NOTHING! My career has no direction and I have never been satisfied in any position I was in, either as a middle manager or director. I changed jobs frequently because I thought that there were always greener pastures or I could make a difference in this or that organization. I had my achievements and successes in developing programs in a couple of places. I also made a decision to pursue a Masters degree in Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner while working fulltime, thinking that this will lead me to a better future. I was inspired because it was new and refreshing. As I went through the course, I was headed for burn out city for It was time intensive, and more demanding as I advanced. And to top it off I had to drive to school 2 hours each way. What was I thinking? To date, I am on leave status and have 2 masters courses and a year of clinical rotation to complete.

Relationships with my children suffered, not only because of the nature of my work schedule, but also due to lack of physical energy and strength.


As I started to pay attention to my circumstances and reflect on my life, I asked myself why this is happening to me? Who am I and what do I really want out of life? What kind of person am I, and what I am truly missing. I was desperate for answers, support and guidance. In my quest, I reread “The Secret” last year. I was truly drawn to Joe Vitale more than any other author in the book. I started to read his books and listened to his CDs. His CD entitled “The Paradigm Shift” gave me the insight on where I was in the stages of awakening. This was truly an eye opener for me! I was excited.


I went to his website because I was curious about the Miracles coaching program. I was hesitant because of the cost, but that little voice asked “What will you lose? Inquire about the program anyway.” It was another tumultuous day for me when I received a call from a representative. I was excited and relieved! After spending time with me, I knew that I wanted to be in the program however, could not really afford it at this time. Yes, I want total transformation, I needed support and guidance, know my limiting beliefs and release them. And yes, I want to know who I really am and want to improve my financial health. This is the best decision I have ever made… Investing in myself!

Working with a coach has helped me find the answers I was looking for and validate my feelings and thoughts.


I dared something worthy! I resigned from my job on September 5th and the following day, my business partner and I discussed our preparatory activities for an In-Home Care Service. I was very excited. My mindset was that of prosperity and abundance not a victim. I am no longer fearful, anxious and reactive, but rather calm and focused. Each day we both set out goals we make certain that each have been have accomplished. We celebrate at the end of the day with gratitude. I look forward to the following day inspired. The activities I do daily are effortless. I have utilized the success principles I learned from the “Listening to Leaders” into the business.


I have developed a daily routine of setting an intention, saying mantras and clearing. I have noticed that I have a weightless energy and stamina, like something is carrying me throughout the day. I even sleep better. My business partner, children and neighbors have noticed the difference in me. I have also made more visits to my children and grandchildren.


The TAT has been beneficial to me. As I went through the process the second time, I did not realize that I had strong negative feelings towards my paternal grandmother until that day. Since doing the TAT, seems like there is “shield” that is protecting me. Whatever beliefs I had are now in the very distant past and forgotten.


I have opened up my heart and life again to the Divine. I go to church every Sunday.


To date I have experienced many large successes related to the new in-home care business.


We now have 15 staff that have fulfilled our requirements, went through our orientation program and passed the background checks. We have subscribed to a legal service membership that has resources to fulfill our business and legal needs. Our website is going to be completed tonight and our brochures next week. We have obtained appointments with community organizations and medical clinics, our goal of which we will be their primary choice.


I now participate in the women’s’ ministries craft activities and enjoying it. I made my first decopage craft and met new acquaintances.

I was invited by another adult school yesterday to be a part of their Advisory Board to assist them in evaluating a new program! That makes two adult schools! I am honored.


Financially, I know it is on its way! Our major goal for October has been met. We needed to make certain that we have staff before admitting clients. This month, WE will continue to seek referrals from contacts we know. We are optimistic that we will have clients this November.

My children and I keep in touch regularly every week. I will be spending my Thanksgiving with my children and family members of my ex-spouse. That’s new.


I look forward to the live group calls every Tuesday. I appreciate the miracles coaches program!


I am truly grateful for everything that I have and experience.

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