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Jacek m.

Achieve Today Reviews
Jacek M. Poznan, Poland

I joined the program to understand the Law of Attraction better and to change my life, especially when it comes to wealth. During the first weeks of the coaching program, I totally changed my perception about money. I can now see that wealth and abundance are everywhere I turn. 

I had a really limited perception about money and it now seems funny that I thought about it in that way. This is so marvelous that I changed it! I am very grateful for that. Moreover, all the knowledge and techniques are amazing too and they are changing my life all the time.


Before I started the program, I wanted to be more confident in singing and I am now! The techniques and knowledge helped me become more confident in every aspect of my life. I also wanted to earn more money and more and more opportunities are appearing every day. I recently got a salary bonus at my work! I must say that I recommend this coaching program to anyone. it’s really worth it! I want to thank my personal coach as well for his work and this kind and loving attitude towards everything. I love you all! 

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