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jasMin a.

Achieve Today Reviews
Jasmin A. Hamburg, Germany

Greetings from Hamburg!


This program is literally the best thing I've ever invested in. Its already been so so helpful to me I can hardly describe how. It has had a MASSIVE impact on my way of dealing with life emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I have overcome a lot of difficulties in terms of self sabotage so that I now have a lot more energy and self confidence.

I‘ve learned to regulate, create and channel the energy needed for whatever idea pops up. Feeling ready to explore more of this inner world that often felt scary and unprecise in the past. It‘s amazing how quickly I let go of long years of fears, doubts and limiting beliefs and how I now discover how many opportunities this world has to offer. I have a better, deeper connection to myself, my surroundings and I can feel things coming before I receive them. This in my life now works like magic and it is a very safe feeling as it gives me control. 

I am now getting offers concerning my paintings, and people have been asking my work to be in exhibitions all of a sudden. I am now having interesting men who want to date me as well. I always feel I deserve it but most certainly I am enjoying all the things presented to me. That is new. Totally new to me. 

Gone is the self hatred. Gone is confusion. I feel so relieved that I found a way to look without fear into the future, that I know know how to conduct myself in panic situations. That all is relative. All is focus.

My coach made me feel really good in all the sessions we had. Everyone was really friendly. Starting with the first call. It was something I all my life have needed. Someone that wouldn't judge, but give advice. On a neutral basis. I am feeling more strong and less hurt. Old scars have seemed to vanish.

I started changing my way of thinking as it wasn't really helpful in certain aspects of my life. The fear that I some day will end up old, alone with 6 cats is also gone. I have gotten a sense of my value and importance. I share this with others as often as possible. I am learning how to socialize better and its having a good healing effect to my soul.

It was and is very good for me to do the program in English rather then my native German. This has improved my skills verbally and I love the athletic sound of the words. I think it does add some extra speed in the process.

I even feel more intelligent. The energy flows in better proportions. I have received so much inspiration. Ideas are flooding my mind. My health, sleep and inner peace are expanding to an almost incredible level. I have the feeling I am extending consciously and subconsciously. I have never been happier. I have never been more reassured by myself that EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT which is obviously quite comforting. I am feeling independent and just right. I love working with the tools and the way the learning material is organized. I am more than happy to have been apart of the Achieve Today program.

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