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jeff lavin

Jeff Lavin

Jeff Lavin is  former competitive/ professional  snowboarder, elite coach, and international motivational speaker.

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A product of snowboarding and lifestyle sports since age 2 and entrepreneur since age 18. Before he became a pro snowboarder he found early success in network marketing. After retiring from snowboarding Jeff founded and created his own brand WI-ME and Get Awesome from the ground up. In addition to building brands, Jeff is a serial entrepreneur with a knack for building businesses. This lead Jeff to create the Influencer Academy with Passions meet purpose to help with solo-preener in Network and Affiliate Marketing crush it with branding, automation, in courses, to working with them one on one to get their systems dialed. Systems buy the time to build the leaders and million-dollar earners. It’s his goal to level the playing field by making these available to the masses. Along with the action of building systems, he realizes the other half is mindset and being bulletproof. His signature speech and book highlights how to go Above and Beyond to make your dreams reality. 

“ The cause continues, the work goes on, the cause rises a new, and the dream is reborn. It's incumbent upon us to carry the torch and lead ourselves and our posterity into the light! I believe the best time is right now because the best is yet to come."

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