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jennifer t.

Achieve Today Reviews
Jennifer T. 

Joe Vitale is awesome.  He is so inspiring.  My goal for my life is to think like him 24/7.  I just love listening to him answer questions. 


I've been keeping up with my assignments. It's all good.

So...where to start.  There are many times when I feel I need an answer and when I listen to a prerecorded call or a live call, I get my answers.  It's so cool.  And sychronicities are happening rather appropriately.  I love it! 


My boyfriend visited me for a whole mos.  I was ecstatic.  I was noticing that my love for him was tremendous. We have been together for 10 years. I am not  exactly sure what happened inside of me, but I noticed a huge change in him too.  Well in listening to a call, I realized it is because I have been Ho'oponopo-ing and just allowing life to flow and Mike changed because I changed.  AWESOME!!!!  He was here for about 3 weeks when his sister called from Hawaii and wanted him to come visit.  I got jealous, but just thought in my mind, "well, this is a perfect opportunity for him to talk to his sister and see if it is worth while for us to move back there and start a business."  I found out that it is NOT!.  Hawaii is not the same any longer.  This is ok by me.  So..... OR SOMETHING BETTER!!!!   Right?   :)  It's gonna be tropics, and the universe knows where's best.  So he came back from Hawaii and stayed for almost another week.  So cool!!!  And so much in love.  There were birdie pairs flying all over my front yard.  LOVE WAS IN THE AIR!!


Yesterday I was invited to the kids house for dinner.  Two things occured simultaneously, where the timing has been perfect for some extra curricular stuff to happen in prelude to the dinner.  I ran out of my hot-flash pills and lo and behold they showed up the very day I ran out!!!  I joined the gym and I am going to get skinny just in time for my class reunion in Feb.  I've been working out for 2 weeks now for almost 2 hours at a time.  My abs are starting to pop out and even my triceps.  Jenny is coming back!!!  I have a law suit going on in Hawaii.  I need $ for my class reunion.  My attorney is working on a house I was foreclosed on and attempting to get us some money. I KNOW (and I Ho'oponopono'd the judge and my attorney gobs of times) that the funds will come just in time to pay for my trip!  Things like this keep happening over and over.  Everything just keeps lining up for me.  Syncronicities!!!


I am having NO MORE negative chatter in my head.  None!  I still get a tad agitated with idiot drivers, but I am Ho'oponopono-ing them every single time immediately.  Matter of fact, I am Ho'oponopono-ing everything.  When I feel a yuck I immediately go into my Ho'oponopono.  AWESOME!!!


I've started a new life long diet.  Paleo.  (I've been looking for this for EVER!) It's here!


I am into it week 2.  I am cleaning myself out with good food and I am noticing differences in my bowels (which is one of my health issues)  Howdy doodie.  No pun intended!  LOL  30 days of nothing toxic.  Then regular eating bit by bit to see how my body reacts. I did this with my dog when I thought he had good allergies.  Guess what?  All my body pain will subside!  AWESOME!!! 


So, the thought that comes to my mind is that I am STRETCHING myself and my reality.  Nothing humongous yet, but the universe likes fast (so we have been told and what seems obvious) so if one man can just clear his mind and have no preferences and become a millionaire, well by George I can do it too!

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