Jessie Funk

Jessie Funk

Jessie  Funk  holds  a  leadership  certification  from  the  University  of  Notre Dame,  is  a  certified  life-coach,  holds  a  B.S.  Degree  in  Psychology,  as well  as  a  M.A.  in  Theater-  emphasizing  in  how  to  use  the  arts  as  a healing  modality  for  teenagers. 

Jessie is  a  former  leadership  facilitator  for  Franklin  Covey  and  has  also  been  a  professional  youth  speaker  for  fourteen years, speaking  for  high  schools  and  leadership  conferences  all  over  the  country. She  is  a  6-time  published  author  and  her passion to  help  teens  led  her  to  start  an  international  non-profit  organization  called  “Ivy  Girl  Academy,”a  confidence  and leadership training  program  for  teen  ladies. As  a  professional  vocalist  she  has  released  five  solo  albums,  has  toured 36  states with  the Broadway  musical  “Footloose,”  has  also  been  hired  for  hundreds  of  recording  sessions  as  a  studio  vocalist including  songs heard  on  TV’s  “America’s  Got  Talent,”  ESPN  and  “The  Biggest  Loser.”Jessie  has  walked  away  from  three record  deals unwilling  to  sell  her  soul  for  fame.  She  chooses  to  use  her  voice  to  lift  and  inspire  in  positive  ways. She  also just  began  a life-long  dream  of  pursuing  a  doctorate  degree.  She  is  earning  her  license  as  a  clinical  social  worker  and focusing  on therapeutic  leadership  training  practices  for  her  dissertation. Jessie’s  favorite  role  in  life  is  that  of  adored  wife and  mother  to two.


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