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joel i.

Achieve Today Reviews
Joel I. North Carolina, United States

Heading into this amazing second week of working with a coach, all I could say is that there’s no turning back!!

Leading up to my registration with Achieve Today, I was very reluctant because

of the tight financial situation and deep debt I was currently in.


After all, why should I spend more money and get into more debt when I had currently been enjoying a wonderful book by author who wrote ‘The Secret’, called ‘The Magic’, as well had recently discovered the magical effectiveness of this alternative psychotherapeutic tool, EFT.


I’ve noticed some benefits from daily practicing the EFT techniques as well as the daily practice of gratitude as instructed by ‘The Magic’. Nevertheless, I was still concerned that this daily readings could only take me so far as I dealt with my physical/mental energy fluctuations and financial stress.


I did finally decide to give Achieve Today a try and see if through coaching it could complement the gradual advances I’ve been noticing through the aforementioned practices.


To conclude, one sunny afternoon in which I wasn’t feeling my best at work and just wanted to go home, I received a phone call from my coach. Who would have ever thought that I would literally be living a new reality after just one session?! Yes, it’s only been a week and half since that life-altering session, yet at this point I feel like I’ve finally connected all the pieces of the puzzle in what seemed like a infinite quest to regain my true energy and potential.


I’m sure there are doubters out there who are probably giving me a few days for me to fall back on my old patterns again. I used to be one of those doubters, but now I genuinely am more confident than ever that I will be living a life looking from the top at all my joys and ambitions coming true instead of looking from below at what seemed like insurmountable obstacles.


Thank you, thank you, thank you Achieve Today!


After only two sessions, I’ve definitely received my return of investment…and then some!

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