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Kenneth J. Van Liew, P.E. - Modern Wealth Building Formula

Ken is a titan in the world of real estate. He is known for his passion for helping people thrive in business and life.

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According to Ken, venturing into a real estate and being successful requires intelligence, hard work, perseverance, integrity, and a never give up mindset.


Recently selected as the real estate expert to produce a national documentary with Dennis Quaid, “Real Estate Today Keys to Investing” broadcasted to 85M households, Ken is responsible for dozens of projects in the metropolitan area which has helped change the New York City skyline. His contribution has garnered international praise to the building trades with the completion of more than one billion in high-rise construction. Ken is a licensed professional engineer with advanced degrees from New Jersey Institute of Technology and New York University.


Ken’s life is a true definition of “when life gives you a lemon, make lemonade.” He had learning disabilities in grammar school and started a pre-engineering college program with a $10/week allowance. He persevered to obtain financial aid, meet the love of his life and was able to graduate six years later.


It was during this time that he began his professional career with a civil engineering design job and worked himself into the construction management of building trades. Shortly after, Ken and his wife had twins and were underpinned by a six-figure debt and his burning desire to serve others. Sixteen years later, he cut the ribbon on the development of a $17M, 72,000 square feet,113-bed assisted living asset.


He parlayed this success into a Staten Island waterfront development and began a mastery journey with Tony Robbins. While attending Tony Robbin’s Life Mastery event in Hawaii, his waterfront development was terminated due to the World Trade Center tragedies, which forced him to come home to lead others forward, never give up, and always keep his dreams alive.

Ken’s life is about paying it forward to the underprivileged and he’s an unsung hero in closeup magic by performing, educating and spreading magic into people’s lives. He has been married for over 34 years, very active for many as an assistant scout master and Eagle Scout and community advisor. He is a loving husband to his wife Terry and a proud father of three amazingly talented and successful children, Michael and Alyse, and Courtney.


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