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Maddie-Marguerite - From Depression to Joy!

Really briefly, 2 things happened to me when I was a child that should not happen to anyone. Then 3 things happened to me as a teenager that left me crippled emotionally.

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Coupled with those, I didn’t know what an ego was, let alone what to do about it. Because of these 6 root causes, my life became a cyclic routine – aka, here we go again.


In 2014, I was utterly exhausted and locked into depression (and constantly entertained suicidal thoughts). A Miracles Coaching advert came up on my Facebook news feed and I took the chance. I was shocked at the price, but I really, really wanted/needed change; so I re-mortgaged my house to pay for it.


I was 45 years old. Things went askew when I was 4 years old. That means, I had been living a life of ugh! for 40 years! I’d tried prayer, counselling, reiki, stones, cards, alcohol, marijuana, sex, being tough, being a sulk, … heaps of stuff. I’d been searching for answers for a long, loooong time! And despite brief periods of respite, nothing lasted. Nothing!


And then I stumbled upon this program. Or it stumbled upon me. However you look at it, the Universe married us up.


What amazed me first about the Achieve Today Miracles Coaching program was that – hear me now – it didn’t want to talk about the problem. It wanted to talk about the solutions. Wow, say it backward, wow! Everyone else wanted to ‘talk the problem out’. And I used to scream inside, “I know what the bloody problem is. What’s the answer????!” But my coach didn’t want to talk about what was wrong. He wanted to talk about putting things right. I don’t know how many times I cried, thinking, “Finally!!!”


Well, I plowed into it! I ate, slept, lived and breathed the material! I did nothing but modules and electives and reflecting on what my coach taught. And … 10 days later – 10 days later! – I began to heal. Wow, say it backward, wow!


11 weeks later, I was completely and utterly healed. In less than 3 months I’d gone from an angry, foul-mouthed, done-with-life stoner, to a peaceful, gentle, and kind person; (aka, ‘I’ was allowed to be).


Then, what shocked me was, 3 months later I was still healed. 6 months later, and no relapse. 1½ years later and I’m living ‘in’ Peace – not ‘with’ peace, ‘in’ Peace. Wow, say it backward, wow! People started calling me Lovely Lily – it became my nickname. And I walked around smiling and singing and encouraging people.


4 years later, and I’m as whole as whole can be. I reach out to Achieve Today to ask to study to become a Life Coach – to go from student to teacher. I want to share with my world what was shared with me. Lo and behold, my old coach Adam, was free. Not only that, he remembered me. So, away we go again. Adam works with me, and once again, I can’t get enough of the program! I spend Christmas holidays completing the 12 modules and getting a Ho’oponopono certification (with Joe Vitale and Achieve Today). Then I find the pre-recorded Coaching Calls in the iAchieveToday learning platform. They are power-packed!


And then things began to surface – old ‘data’ started replaying – particularly rage. What was fascinating was my reaction. I was overjoyed! I was pleased the yuck had revealed itself because I know I have a heap of tools to release it. It was wonderful! I start ‘loving’ people I had formerly struggled with. I shifted my mindset. I started nevillizing. I started praying. I actively pursued gratitude, thankfulness and joy. I started cheering myself on to be the real me in my life-time. Wow! Now, it’s not that I’m where I want to be, it’s that I’m open to being there and am surrounded with tools to get there – now that’s empowerment!


So, I qualify as an Achieve Today Executive Life Coach. Adam talks with me about my next right step. I know I need marketing training. He calls it persuasion and influence. Interesting the different connotations of the two wording. I’m keen. What happens? 3 out of 3 doors slam in my face. And I don’t just mean close. I mean S*L*A*M! I wait, I pray, I clear on anything that comes up. Suddenly, a window opens. Oh God, how Great Thou art! And voila, Goodbye Distraction. Hello Destiny!


The real joy in all this, is that it’s a journey, not an end. The joy is in the process of creating – creating goodness, and hope, and laughter, and wealth, and … my story.


God bless!



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