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maurice & Bev

Achieve Today Reviews
Maurice and Bev. Bedford, Australia

We wanted to share a little of what has been happening for us, both personally, and as a result, in our business too.


Since we started our Achieve Today Coaching with you as our coach, we have seen and felt many positive changes in our lives and have had quite a number of “Epiphanies or AHA moments”.

Our team is growing faster now, our income is climbing rapidly and we believe that your coaching plays a big part in this

So thank you so much.


Just last week we had set an intention to reach 70 cycles (our income is based on cycles) for the week in our Network Marketing business however on the last day we were still needed a couple of cycles to bump it up to the 70 we wanted to achieve. Well, in my mind I released it and said to the Universe “I leave it up to you and am grateful for what we have done for the week.”


At the same time one of our down line phoned us asking for help in achieving an important goal she had set for herself. “Would we place an order of about $400 under her so that she could achieve her number of cycles?” It was not of any benefit to us to do so as she is in a part of our “tree” that we don’t need points, however we decided to spend the money anyway in order to help her out.


Well, the Universe must have thought that it was a nice thing for us to have done because shortly after that, unexpected orders went through which then took us up to 71 cycles. And this happened 10 minutes before our week ended. YEAH!


I have been noticing that a sense of calmness and peace comes over me and I seem to be the observer when talking to prospects and also coaching our team. That wasn’t the way it was before I bought this program, so this is amazing for me!


The “Allowing scripts” we have learned to use have shown us how we can be around and have in our lives, people that would normally cause us to be judgmental of them or be irritated in some way by them, without feeling any of these things and that makes life sooo easy, we love it.

I know that this course and most definitely having our coach is a life changer for us. We intend to have our coach for many years to come. So thank you thank you thank you to my coach.


We cannot speak highly enough about the tools that Achieve Today has given us to make our journey that much easier, it’s all just laid out for us but in such amazing detail…Maurice calls it the “Easy Ph.D. course of Self Development”.


With much gratitude and love,


Maurice and Bev D.

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