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Flippin' with Mitch and Maeli

Mitch and Maeli 

Husband and Wife team, Mitch and Maeli Nelson take you along on their journey of fixing and flipping old, run-down houses in the greater Salt Lake City area, turning them into the gems of the community. Be prepared to be entertained, educated and excited as you share their adventure!

Flippin with Mitch and Maeli

For over a decade, Mitch Nelson has enjoyed starting, running and investing in businesses and real estate.  Like many of his companies, he has thrived in business taking on each new challenge it brings.  From the printing industry, to service and retail, as well as information and technology companies, Mitch’s portfolio of influence as an entrepreneur is well known throughout the United States.  His hands-on experience in many corners of business is a trusted resource to his colleagues and investors alike.

One of Mitch’s most exciting business ventures has been that of real estate investing.  With his years of experience, he’s learned to navigate and make money in the real estate realm while learning to avoid pitfalls and traps that claim many young investors.  He has dedicated much of his time to teaching others his techniques and passing on his secrets of the industry through writing, videos, coaching and education programs.

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