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3 Hacks for a More Productive, Successful Work Day

We’ve all had a “case of the Mondays” before (and sometimes it’s not even a Monday!). Your brain hurts. Your energy is low. Your motivation is even lower. Creativity seems to be lacking and you can’t figure out solutions or breakthroughs for the work projects staring you at the face.

If that’s you today, it’s time to supercharge your office environment and invite more abundant success into your work day. Try these life hacks the next time you’re struggling at work, and kick the Monday vibe right out the door!

1. Kiss Clutter Goodbye

Clutter on and around your desk isn’t just messy. It can actually create emotional and mental blocks. In the theory of embodied cognition, researchers say our physical space have the ability to influence our minds and our thoughts.

That’s why in studies, strange approaches like thinking outside of a literal box helped office workers to “think outside the box” and create creative solutions to work challenges.

The same is true in reverse. All those piles of papers, unopened mail, and even digital clutter like unread emails can emotionally block us up. Kiss clutter goodbye to free up your mental and emotional space as well.

2. Try Bullet Journaling

There are many studies on the power of journaling and keeping a journal. One career-related way to harness the power of writing a journal is by creating a bullet journal. This is an open-ended list where you can jot down ideas, thoughts and plans as they come to you.

Your consciousness doesn’t work on a linear scale, even though the work day and your work projects are often linear. With a bullet journal, you can write down inspiration as it comes to you, then review it later and see what can be applied to your work.

3. Create a Positive Office Atmosphere

Even if you work in a creativity-zapping cubicle under harsh fluorescent lights doesn’t mean you can’t create a serene office environment that helps energize you, soothe you and help you come up with your best thoughts and ideas.

Add a potted plant to your desk. Studies have shown that touches of nature boost positive emotions like happiness and serenity, while also stimulating your creativity and your thoughts. You can also add specific scents that help clear your mind and energize your spirits, such as spearmint essential oil or sandalwood oil.

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