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4 Holiday Health Hacks to Stay Happy & Healthy

Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Year’s Eve. We are about to enter a bevy of major holidays. Combined with changing seasons that make us crave comfort and comfort foods, and it’s no wonder that many people and studies claim that the average person gains 5 pounds of weight by the end of every December.

This season, be filled with gratitude and cheer, not just pumpkin pie and eggnog. With these holiday health hacks, you can take part in the festivities while still guarding your mind-body health.

1. Add protein and fiber to every meal

Studies have found that eating a little bit of protein at every meal instead of the traditional approach of eating most of our protein at dinner can help enhance your weight loss. Meanwhile, fiber helps prevent blood sugar spikes and controls cravings. Combined, you’ll be better able to withstand the temptations of one more Christmas cookie.

2. Take a nap

If you’re worn out from holiday travels or party planning, take a nap. There's more to it than just staying well-rested. Studies have found that people who slept 33% less than they normally did often ate an extra 500 calories in a day. Catch adequate Zs and you won’t catch extra pounds around the waistline.

3. Manage stress

Stress doesn’t just ruin your time with your family. It also prompts the release of cortisol, a stress hormone that can cause unhealthy junk food cravings and also encourage your body to store more fat around your stomach.

Try taking magnesium, which many adults don't get enough of. This mineral is used by your brain during times of stress, and it can have a calming anti-anxiety effect. Also, meditate every morning or evening to clear your vibes during the hectic, stressful season. Being in close contact with friends and family during the holidays can cause lots of emotions to rise, and meditation empowers you to better handle them.

If you’re especially worried about stress and interpersonal relationships this holiday season, talk to CUE, our free virtual coach.

4. Take a walk

All those office parties and cozy nights indoors increases our risks of catching a cold or flu. Power up with a short 20-minute walk. That’s all the exercise you need to start to strengthen your immune system. Plus, regular cardio helps flush out bacteria and raises our body temperature to help kill any bugs we’ve contracted.

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1 Comment

Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith
Sep 21, 2022

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