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4 Phases Towards “Eating Mindfully”

How to identify them, become aware of them, and Master them successfully.

There are many people who feel stuck or trapped in a “rut cycle” when it comes to eating and dieting and trying to become and stay healthy. Most people don’t realize that there are really only four phases to become aware of as we work towards “Eating Mindfully”.

Below we will discuss the four Phases, where people are at in general terms as far as mental aptitude or realization, and what that relation is towards a conscious or subconscious level and skill set for healthy eating and living.

The first phase, people are unaware, or unknowing, and have not been offered the skill set to implement practice.


(Unconsciously Unskilled)

Feeling Stuck in the food-guilt-repetition cycle.

Bouncing back and forth from feeling in control then out of control.

Focus becomes about food rather than eating food.

Feelings of helplessness and discouragement and blaming self.

Attitudes about life may seem “Insignificant” because of obsessing about food or weight.

Note: The idea of mindful eating may sound “Too good to be true”

The second phase, people are uncertain and have not determined what to do yet. They are becoming conscious and aware, but still lack the skills to really move forward yet.


(Consciously Unskilled)

Starting to take note of Triggers and / or hunger pains.

Glimmers of hope and success but fear of failure holds you back.

Trying new skills and experimenting with diet but not on a regular structured regiment.

Feelings of Validation and seeing your perception of things, hopeful but leery.

Along with triggers, former habits may be a slippery slope to what we were used to and conditioned to experiencing.

Note: One may be susceptible to ”yo yo fatigue” mentally, and that could lead to giving up easily or even slipping and regressing.

The third phase they do become aware. They have become informed and consciously they are developing the skills they need to pull out of the rut that they are in.


(Consciously Skilled)

Binging and grazing types of dieting are no longer a factor.

The curve you have to turn is starting to become straighter.

A feeling of empowerment and freedom is starting to be the “Norm.”

Focus and desire is invested into establishing new habits and skills towards self and health.

“Eating Mindfully” is starting to feel more natural and it is desired consistently.

Note: This is not a static or one dimensional process. Continue education and cultivate positive habits without judgmental attitudes.

The fourth phase they are feeling like everything comes more naturally. They are intuitive and can feel what is going on with their health, what needs to be done and respond effectively, subconsciously.

Instinctive –Intuitive

(Subconsciously Skilled )

Managing self and meals requires less effort and attention.

Food in general is not viewed as an issue any longer. It is certainly not obsessed about.

You feel vibrant and have more energy as well as being able to shift your focus into larger tasks as you extend your goals.

You have confidence in regards to any situation that involves food and eating and awareness of self and health.

In addition to “Eating Mindfully”, your life in general with work and play and family and friends is better also, as you are loving and living “Mindfully” as well. (In fact you are magnetic for others.)

Note: It will be a natural desire to teach these skills and share them, but hard to do so unless you are aware of what they are and how they work.

Once these four phases are realized, and an awareness becomes natural and instinctual in regards to implementation with them. We will find a natural symbiotic relationship with food and eating and living a healthy lifestyle. Then one can gain more out of life and actually slow down and enjoy it.

I hope this article helps you on your journey and feel free to share it others as you become your own expert toward “Eating Mindfully’.

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