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4 Simple Ways to Embrace Aging

A recent study published in the journal "Educational Gerontology" found that most men and women feel anxious and stressed about aging. (1) But here's the thing: We all age. It's simply the inevitable way that time itself works.

And the fear you feel about aging doesn’t make it better. In fact, it may even make it worse.

"Fear of aging speeds the very decline we dread most," warns psychologist Jere Daniel. "And it ultimately robs our life of any meaning." (2)

This requires a new way of looking at aging.

"Conscious aging is a new way of looking at and experiencing aging that moves beyond our cultural obsession with youth toward a respect and need for the wisdom of age," says Dr. Stephan Rechtschaffen, in an interview with Psychology Today magazine.

According to Dr. Rechtschaffen, we must "recognize and accept the aging process and all that goes with it as a reality, a natural part of the life cycle," and we should also "reverse our societal attitude of aging as an affliction."

As we inch closer and closer to the end of the year, it’s the perfect reminder to re-evaluate how we see aging, and find ways to change our perspective and embrace aging.

1. Bond

Social connections don’t just offer us support as we get older, but it also keeps us mentally young and youthfully engaged. As we move through different chapters of life, it can also give us the peace, love and comfort we need to face the new opportunities and challenges of getting older.

2. Make a Difference

Find a cause that makes a difference and lies near and dear to your heart. Doing this gives us a sense of purpose and direction, which researchers say is important for maintaining our emotional, spiritual and mental health as we get older.

3. Love Your Body

As you learn to accept and embrace your imperfections, you also learn to love and appreciate the changes in your body as you get older. But loving your body is more than just that. It’s also treating it right, moving it in physically healthy ways, and eating well. All of this maintains our vibrancy and health as we age, and ensures we’re able to continue to do the things we love as we get older.

4. Share Your Story

You’ve collected many experiences, life lessons and stories along your life journey. Be proud of what you’ve done. Take joy in the experiences you’ve gone through. Share the lessons and wisdom you’ve cultivated and manifested. By seeing value in the years you’ve gone through, you can better see value in the years ahead.

It’s easy to be fearful, anxious or stressed about getting older. But embracing it, and learning to see the many ways it blesses your life and the life of those around you, can make the aging process more enjoyable, more vibrant and more full of potential.

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