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Self-Care Strategies to Be More Productive Right Now

Updated: May 11, 2018

Several specific self-care strategies and tips can help restore your mind and body to a place where you’re more energized, more productive, and more creative.

Productivity is falling, according to recent statistics released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor. (1) Not only is the amount of work and work output dropping on a per-employee basis, but employees are reporting that they're feeling less energized, less engaged and more tired. (2)

These numbers aren’t just alarming for businesses and business owners. Whether you are self-employed, work full time or part time for someone else, or are taking a break from work to raise a family or focus on yourself, personal productivity is the building block for success and a life of fulfillment and potential.

Today, several specific self-care strategies and tips can help restore your mind and body to a place where you’re more energized, more productive, and more creative. Whether you need to find that spark for your hobby, or want to put more pep in your step in the office, try these tips and get more done in less time (while feeling happier and better about yourself!).

1. Seek Solitude from the Screen

Last year, comScore's annual Cross-Platform Future in Focus report found that the typical adult in North America spent nearly 90 hours a month on his or her phone. On a daily basis, that's nearly three hours a day!

And while it’s unlikely that you sit down for a three-hour stretch to use your phone, you likely take five minutes here and 30 minutes there. These little chunks of time are distracting (and studies show that multi-tasking or getting distracted by social media or emails zaps productivity).

But these chunks of time are also wasted opportunities where you could be investing in yourself, practicing self-care, and rejuvenating your mind and body to be healthier and more productive.

Today, commit to take a break from your phone. Leave it in the car, or tuck it away in your office desk drawer. Then, begin to take that reclaimed time and invest it into your own happiness and self-growth.

2. Make Lunchtime Your Self-Care Restoration Time

Do you ever feel fatigued, groggy or uninspired around lunch time? Business experts say the afternoon slump is real and has definitive impacts on your productivity. (4)

Instead of reaching for that sugar-laden coffee to wake yourself up (which can further zap your productivity and energy later in the afternoon), set aside lunchtime as your self-care restoration time.

During your lunch break, make it a true break. Avoid the temptation to work through your break, eat lunch at your desk, or do chores or housework. Instead, truly focus on yourself. This might seem indulgent, but it means you’ll be more productive and energized later in the afternoon.

Go for a walk in a park or another nature-based setting, which decreases stress, improves concentration skills, sparks your inspiration and improves your short-term memory. (5) Do physical movement, such as yoga or a jog, which can boost energy levels and enhance your focus. Read a good book. Do whatever it takes to feel good and enhance your mental health during your lunch break.

3. End the Day with Relaxation and Journaling

It’s important to leave work at work and avoid bringing stressful projects and other work-related elements into your house. This is easier said than done, since so many of us are tethered to our work through smartphones and laptops.

Set aside a bench or shelf near your door where you can leave all the things that could distract you. Then, engage in self-care rituals that calm you down, help you unwind, and disperse all the many thoughts that cloud your mind. Perhaps that’s cooking a nice dinner, or doing a crossword puzzle in front of the fire, or simply relaxing on your patio with a cup of tea.

Whatever it is, do things that relax you and help you find clarity. This helps prepare you to rest and sleep, which are key factors for long-term productivity. It also helps you to get rid of the many thoughts that keep you from being able to focus and find creative solutions to whatever your mind is dwelling on.

Writing in a diary or journal can also help. Use these writing tools to process your day and unwind your emotions and thoughts. It’s also a good habit to begin to journal goals and milestones for tomorrow, so that you wake up with a clear plan for productivity and success.

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