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6 Strategies to staying motivated in your business

1) Vision, and expanding it outside the box

Most of us start with self-centered reasons but ultimately it develops into helping others succeed. There is nothing like seeing a team member have a tremendous breakthrough and become the person they were meant to be. Their positive energy is infectious. The top earners in this industry are where they are at because they had a vision that they stuck with, and it was large enough for every person in their circle to fit into.

2) Strong purpose, what made you want to do this

You have to remember and review WHY you’re building your business in the first place. Many will say that they became involved with network marketing because of the income potential and passive money that they can make. This is a partial truth because in reality it’s not actually the money, it’s what you can do with that money. What does it provide? Some people want to be able to support their families better, travel, and buy expensive cars and homes while other people would enjoy the financial means to contribute to a better cause, like a charity or organization. Knowing WHY you are doing this business is essential. Be sure to write it down and keep it in front of you.

3) You are an average of the five people you spend the most time with

Stay “laser focused” and Keep your goals and benchmarks in your sights. Protect them. Unfortunately, many of the people we know appear as though they don’t want us to succeed. They see what you’re set out to accomplish as a threat or something they envy, or even an insecurity that is rooted in themselves. Sometimes they secretly don’t want you succeed because that would say something about who they are. It would indicate for them that you were able to do something that they could not/would not do for them. It is important to start hanging around with other successful peoples who support you in where you are following your Joy and success.

4) Vision Boards and reminders

We take in a lot of symbols and inputs throughout our daily lives and routines. We don’t really acknowledge these things because our brain is wired to side step what we think we don’t need or is crucial to survival. That being said however, our subconscious is always taking in billions of bits of information that happens from the events we experience each day. When you glance at a picture that reminds you of something, you notice this. One glance at an image, or smells, or sounds, or a simple touch can trigger tons of events that have happened in our lives that relate to that we just experienced. Whatever your WHY is, post visual symbols and representations where you spend a lot of time so you have a constant reminder of why you’re doing this. A vision board is a powerful tool.

5) Control what you take in

The world is full of negatives and distractions, roadblocks and bad inputs. One of the biggest is your TV. I know we all love reality shows, but you want to limit your exposure to things that simply distract you. Read good books and listen to audios that focus on personal development. Remember, people join YOU not your company. Watch out for social media as well. It can drain your energy and influence your emotions.

6) Don’t be attached to an outcome

This is hard sometimes. This can be a tough one especially when you are new to whatever business or industry you are in. You have to separate your emotions from any outcome and truly not care if someone joins you or not. See it as a refusal of service and opportunity rather than a personal rejection. This takes people a while to develop, but when you’re not attached to an outcome you can’t get frustrated or discouraged. You are in control of you, your efforts and your attitude.

If you can apply these 6 little strategies into your life on a daily basis, turn it into a repetitious system, you will start to see some terrific and wonderful results!

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