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Are You a Creature of Habit? That Could Be a Good Thing!

Some people view doing the same rituals or habits as being “stuck in a rut,” but there’s good news for those of us who love their regularly scheduled habits and routines.

Two new studies, both which were published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin research journal, look at how people who follow simple, regular routines view their lives. And the results were quite surprising and hold significant meaning if you’re trying to build a life that feels meaningful and filled with purpose and direction.

You see, previously when thinking of a life of meaning and exciting direction, the stereotype has often included things like:

  • Being a part of something big and important, such as social activism or politics

  • Achieving great accomplishments that impact the world

  • Pursuing new things that lie outside of our comfort zones

While this is all true for some, these two new studies show a simpler, more inward way to unlock and unleash a sense of strength, purpose and meaning.

What the New Research Unveiled

In the new report, researchers discovered that people who regularly engaged in regular habits, schedules and routines had a greater sense of meaning and purpose in their lives than people who didn’t follow regular schedules.

In fact, rather than feeling like they were “stuck” or “in a rut,” their lives were actually energized by this sense of meaning and purpose.

A few key things to note:

  1. What is “meaning?” For these studies, researchers defined having a sense that life had meaning meant you felt you had purpose, played a significant role in life, and that your life made sense.

  2. The first study found that people who rated their lives as “well ordered,” or reported that they did “the same things every day” had a greater sense of meaning.

  3. The second study had people report throughout their day on what they were doing, and a special app on their phone asked them if what they were doing in the moment was part of their routine. The more routine people’s days, the happier and more infused wit meaning the people said they felt their life was.

What Does This Mean For You?

While it flies in the face of common stereotypes about what it takes to live a full, purpose-driven life, these studies suggest a new way of infusing your life with meaning. If you’re feeling lost or purpose-less, consider creating new routines that you can incorporate into your day to give your days more structure.

This might include morning meditation rituals, a regular workout routine, or playtime or bedtime habits with your family. No matter how simple these new routines, it can help to give you a new perspective on your life, and help you experience the life you truly want to live.

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