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How to Make Decisions Faster

Life is short. Every day, we’re inundated with key choices and decisions we need to make, both big or small. Don’t waste time hemming and hawing.

When you live in alignment with your purpose, your vision and your mission, you can follow your gut instinct and make decisions quickly that are in line with your greatest good and highest potential. Here’s how to arrive at a decision faster than ever!

1. Avoid Decision Fatigue

There are many things we CAN make choices about, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth our time and mental energy. Every decision you make zaps your mental clarity and your mental focus. Instead of clouding your vision with the hundreds of trivial things that fill your day, create some habits and routines that reduce how many choices you need to make. It’s why Steve Jobs famously only wore one type of turtleneck: By not having to think about his wardrobe, he created room for his genius to flow.

Action: Look at your day and find ways to eliminate choice by streamlining and creating set routines.

2. Know What You Can Control

Does it lie within your control? More often than not, it doesn’t truly sit in your power. Instead of trying to force a choice that isn’t in the flow of the universe’s momentum, learn to let go of things that aren’t really in your control and save your energy for the things that will truly move the needle in your life

Action: Ask yourself, “Am I living with the flow of the universe? Am I moving with life’s natural momentum?” If not, you’re fighting things outside of your control and this will sap your mental energy.

3. Know Your Mission

Once you know what you want out of life - your inner compass that points to your morals and your values - you will receive an instant dose of clarity. You’ll quickly see how a choice impacts your greater life picture, and you can begin to make changes that impact your life in a significant way.

Action: Do you know what you want out of life? Do you know your purpose? Before wasting time on making choices and decisions and trying to steer your life in a certain direction, spend time and invest in knowing WHAT direction you want to go. What do you want out of life? What guides you? Making time to know this deep down within your core will add tremendous amounts of value to your day.

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