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How to Tap Into Infinite Willpower

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

“The world believes that to possess a thing, it must be kept,” teaches the self-help book A Course in Miracles. “[Heaven teaches the thing] really must be given. To give is how to recognize you have received. For in sharing does your gift expand, and keep on expanding.”

In other words, by giving and doing, you receive more of what you give and do.

Applied to willpower, such as the willpower to stick to a healthy lifestyle or eat more salad or do more meditation, this concept in the Course of Miracles has interesting ramifications. And more and more studies are supporting this approach!

How Do You View Willpower?

For many people, we view willpower and motivation as something that can be depleted. As something that we’ll run out of if we use it all up. “Reward yourself to stay motivated,” goes a common suggestion. “Hide the snack bag so you’re not tempted all day,” you might have heard diet gurus preach.

Scientists and psychologists refer to this as the theory of “ego depletion.” (1) In fact, studies have recently come out downright disproving this theory, (2) arguing that our internal motivation, willpower and energy aren’t finite.

It’s quite the opposite.

It’s infinite!

Here are a few key takeaways from recent research:

1. You Will If You Believe

Three studies found that when you think your have infinite willpower or energy, you remove the mental blocks that hold you back. (3) You actually embody your belief, and are able to accomplish more, do more and hit more of your goals than if you previously thought you had a limited amount of motivation or potential.

2. It Changes Mind AND Body

Believing in your own infinite strength and potential doesn’t just influence how much we are actually able to do, but it also shifts our emotions and feelings. Research has revealed that when we believe in our own potential and inner strength, we actually are shielded from discouragement and burnout and our sense of fulfillment and happiness goes up!

How to Apply This New Research

This new research on belief and willpower doesn’t change the fact that running a marathon, eating a salad every day, or sticking with your new mindfulness meditation habit isn’t necessarily going to be easy.

But what it does say is that if you take the time to sit down, dig deep and understand your inner motivation and internal strength, your inner power will rise to the occasion. You will unleash vast, new amounts of energy and motivation that you can tap into to achieve more than you ever dreamed was possible.

Go back to your source, and see yourself as limitless. And when you do, you truly will become what you believe. Like Sarah Ban Breathnach says, “Take a leap of faith. Believe in yourself. And believe that there is a loving Source just waiting to be asked to help you make your dreams come true.”

Now that you understand your limitless potential, apply it to new healthy habits!


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