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Setting Productive Goals

Most people understand that goals are important, but the majority of people never even write goals down. And those that do usually don’t follow them correctly. Many people are familiar with the S.M.A.R.T. goals format, but struggle with them being efficient and effective.

Lack of productiveness and not seeing your work and effort come to fruition is one of the chief causes of people giving up and getting discouraged on what they start. So you have to be productive and celebrate even the tiniest of victories in whatever you are striving to do in life.

Here are 15 tips on being sure to set productive goals, and being productive in managing your goals. These are prerequisite in managing your energy as opposed to managing your time which will be discussed in another article.

1. Every morning arise with intention and purpose. Make headway on the morning. Win it, then the afternoon. Avoid distractions. Hyper focus on the agenda that you customize for yourself.

2. Game plan and strategize beforehand. (Plan your day the night before) Identify your tasks and start with the most important one. (jar of golf balls)

3. Avoid distractions. Mute your phone/social media; one task at a time.

4. Avoid “multi-tasking”. The brain is not designed for it. Put 100% of your brain power towards what you are working on. Focus on what is in front of you.

5. Learn to time block: 15 – 90 minutes per task. Hyper focus – see how much you can get done. 10 minutes is writing, 15 minutes checking email or social media, etc.

6. Identify time wasters - what keeps you away. (Too much T.V., staying awake too long, etc.)

7. Have a clear vision - understand what you really want in life. Don’t waste time on activities that don’t mean anything to you. Have a personal message that solidifies your vision.

8. Drink plenty of water, it keeps you productive.

  • Men 3-7 liters

  • Women 2-7 liters

9. Exercise, sleep, nutrition. Eat for energy and health, not pleasure.

10. Avoid opening email first thing in the morning (other people’s agendas). Use auto responders while you get your other tasks accomplished before addressing your email requests.

11. Never watch live T.V. - record it or watch on demand; or avoid T.V. altogether.

12. Be around other productive people. (Like minded and successful people) You are the average of the 5 people that you sped the most time with.

13. Interview others in your chosen field. Learn from others knowledge and experience.

14. Never answer a call from an unknown number. It sucks your time away.

15. Plan out your content in advance for Facebook posts and other social media. Don’t open up Facebook until you’ve planned in advance including the pic’s you’re going to post with your content.

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