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Tips to Releasing Judgment in 6 Steps

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

When New York Times-bestselling author Gabby Bernstein first became conscious of her internal judgmental nature, and began to work towards changing her judgmental thoughts, she says she finally felt herself “wake up.” And she channeled this into her new book, “Judgment Detox.”

In her latest book, Bernstein shares her personal six-step plan to releasing judgment and doing your own judgment detox. If you want to release judgment while making room for more love and light, try Bernstein’s tips today.

Step 1: Become Conscious of Your Own Judgment

The key to transforming your life is bringing awareness to your life. If you want to do a judgment detox, you must first know what areas of your life and your thoughts need that detox.

Bernstein says the best approach is bringing your awareness to your judgment, but to do so without casting judgment on your judgment.

Eckhart Tolle talks about something similar, he says:

We must become the watcher of our inner thoughts. We must be a silent witness, simply observing the stream of consciousness within ourselves.

You can recognize and become aware of your judgmental nature, without labeling this judgmental nature as “good” or “bad,” or trying to “argue” with your judgment. Simply see and recognize any judgment aspects of your mindset.

Bernstein offers a few ways to prompt this thinking: Who or what are you feeling judgmental towards? How does this judgmental thought make you feel? Is there something in the present moment that is triggering a past memory that may be bringing this judgmental nature to the surface?

Step 2: Honor Your Wounds

“Underneath every judgment is a core wound,” writes Bernstein in her book. She argues that our internal wounds, gained from experiences throughout life, create sensations of anger, shame or guilt, and this in turn causes us to feel judgment towards situations or people.

“If we were happy and complete, we wouldn’t judge,” writes Bernstein. “Our feelings of unworthiness lead us to project judgment outward.”

Searching deep for what wounds lurk within our soul, and taking active steps to resolve these hurts and pains, can help eliminate the underlying energy that’s causing you to project judgment outward.

Step 3: Offer Up Love

“Prayer allows you to release the story and opens us to compassion,” says Bernstein. She says that regular prayer can help you to expand with more love, which dispels judgment.

If you aren’t religious, your prayer can be an expression of love and gratitude to yourself and those around you. By making this a habit, you shift your internal vibrations to a more positive, less judgmental place.

Step 4: Perceive

As you heal your wounds and use prayer to manifest more love and compassion, you can now turn your focus to the situation or the people towards which you were casting judgment.

For the first time, you’ll be able to see them and perceive them with more clarity. “The miracle of this experience will change you,” writes Bernstein. “It doesn’t feel good to hold grievances.”

Step 5: Eliminate

Now that you are using true perception to see specific people or circumstances with clear insight, you can cut the cords to your negative energy. This means completely casting out the judgmental thoughts, and making the healing final.

Step 6: Forgive

The final process is forgiving the situation, the person or yourself for holding this judgment. “Our unwillingness to forgive…is what keeps us in the judgment cycle,” she writes.

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