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robert S.

Overlooking the Mist
Robert S

To those who are searching,

I've been down the personal development path on and off for the past 20 years. I believe in the law of attraction,but I couldn't get a firm grip on the essence of it.

I new that there was more to it, I just needed to surround myself with the people that did. And that's why I'm writing this review. 

The team at Achieve Today have been a huge help in taking all the information I had already learned and putting it into context. As a result, my life has been quickly take the shape of my intentions and it is only getting better.

There are some simple truths about the law of attraction that you're just not going to find in a open format. I believe, that in order to see these truths, we have to be very honest with ourselves. This may sound hard to take from someone you haven't even met, but the level of acceptance I have encountered with this team is staggering. They will help you understand YOU in a way you never thought possible and they do it with the utmost compassion for where you've been and where you're going. 

  I will end with this. If you are always in constant judgment of the programs you see out there, you're really not committing to it. In reality you aren't committing to YOURSELF. If we are constantly judging if something's going to work or not, we can bet that's it's not going to work. 

Do I believe that I deserve a better future or not? Am I willing to be that honest with myself? What are my beliefs attracting to me? 
Achieve Today will help you find the answers to these questions.

Much love and Gratitude 
Robert Stuehrenberg

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