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sean p.

Achieve Today Reviews
Sean P. Ontario, Canada

I started with Miracle Coaching and Achieve Today just over five weeks ago. Prior to that, I had watched the movie The Secret a number of times, likely too many to even count, in a very short period of time. I was drawn to both Bob Proctor and Joe Vitale.

One day, as I was applying the secret I still found myself feeling frustrated…frustrated because I just could not feel anything good coming my way. It was not from a lack of belief in the secret but more because of an internal block I was feeling. I could literally feel this block inside of me. I knew there was no way that I could ever achieve the success or goals or dreams I had without getting that block out of me.

On this day, I decided to Google Joe Vitale. I went through his sight, and then signed up to receive his book Attract Money Now. I read that entire book in one afternoon, took plenty of notes, and really worked on the principles he had outlined. While signing up for the book I also signed up to receive a free coaching consultation, which turned out to be the smartest thing I could have done.


I received the call, went through the entire process, and then signed up. A day later, I was looking at my finances and just thought there was no way I can pull this off so I cancelled. Shortly after, I received a call back from an executive consultant. We spoke; I told him why I had made the decision to cancel. He listened. I spoke. Then he spoke and I listened.

The executive consultant said something to me that really made me think…essentially that he wasn’t going to judge me either way, no matter what decision I made he would be fine with it. He then said something along the lines of based on what he knew from talking to me – my struggles, my goals, my dreams – that even if I decided to put the money into the business opportunity I was looking at, that I could very well achieve the monetary success I was striving for but there would likely come a time that I would not be happy again or have to fight through this internal block of mine.


He was right.


So I kept the coaching.


In comes my coach…


Our first session, again I was ready to cancel because I had been right in the middle of a personal ordeal that was stressing me out. My coach and I spoke about it briefly; he asked me some questions about how I was feeling about myself, my life, what I was feeling inside, etc. The short answer to everything was that I pretty much hated everything about me and my life and what I was feeling. We continued, and he gave me some techniques and strategies to work through which I immediately applied.


He also gave me some homework assignments that would take me approximately 7 hours to complete, prior to our next session. No problem. I not only did those but also basically went through everything I possible could in the Achieve Today program. Although I would not recommend this approach unless you are committed like I am because you must work through things and apply them to your lives.

And I did just that.


From that first session to the next session, I completed eight modules, watched four or five videos. I did this because my coach had somehow opened up this block with his little techniques and strategies. It was as though he unlocked the dam and everything just wanted to flow out of me. It was a feeling and sensation that I had never experienced.

Something even bigger happened to me that week, in between the two sessions with my coach. I started writing a book. In the past – years ago I had thought of writing a book someday, just like everyone else thinks about it as well. Well, a buddy of mine told me I should write a book one night when we were watching hockey at a pub. That night I couldn’t sleep, so I woke up and started writing. I basically wrote 15,000 words in one day, had this book completed with 35,000 words within three or four days. It was ridiculous. But I could not stop. The ideas kept pouring out of me. The dam had been opened.


Since then, I have completed another book of 35,000 words. I have three other books started on my laptop, totaling approximately 40,000 words.


And just yesterday, the universe dumped another idea into my head as well. Twenty-four hours later I have written just shy of 15,000 words. It may appear that I am bouncing all over the place with these books, but when the dam has opened this way, and it’s not something you’re used to, it takes time to learn how to prioritize and control it. Right now, with the way I am feeling about this current book in particular, I will be finishing it up and self-publishing it. I truly believe it will be something very special and big.


Prior to working with my coach, anything online that I had been working on I had kept to myself; I suppose fear of what people may think. But over time I have either told or shown or both told and shown people what I am working on. I believe this is an important step I have taken. My coach told me to do what felt right where telling people was concerned. And I did. Since then, I have received valuable feedback and ideas to implement.


I guess the long and short of it is I have goals…massive goals, and like my coach told me…they may not come from what I originally thought. I guess what I am trying to say is that it’s quite clear that I’ve always just wanted to write because I literally can’t stop right now!


Furthermore, one of my biggest struggles over the past few years is that I had constant negative chatter going on in my head. I am not referring to hearing voices, but just negative – really negative – self talk. I could not hate myself any more than what I did. Since the first session, or the second session that negative chatter has disappeared. Yes, there may be moments where it creeps back in but the large majority of my time is spent being productive and not listening to that prick in my head. Let’s call it what it was.


I was telling my mom the other day what I had been doing, and the manuscript that was sitting on her table was proof of how far I had come. I can feel the difference, and people can see the difference. They may not say anything but it’s impossible not to notice.

As for my coach…well he’s the reason this happened. Eight months ago I was one drink away – on many occasions – of taking my own life. No lie. No over-exaggeration. I turned that around on my own, but still had this horrible block inside of me, and my coach– in just 5 sessions – helped me to clear it all up. In fact, it was really one or two sessions that he was able to work his magic.


I will finish by saying, for any prospects that are reading this note that you don’t have to be at the end of your rope for this coaching to be effective. If you are at the end of your rope, than even better. Likely better than what any shrink can do for you. If you are at the end of your rope, well you will likely be as committed to the process as I have been and still am. I’m here to tell you that you WILL turn your life around. There’s no way you can’t by working with a coach.


And if you aren’t at the end of your rope and you’re dipping your toe in, well don’t waste your time dipping your toe in. Commit to it and jump in. There’s a reason you’re dipping your toe in, and that’s because you’ve thought that this can help. Simply put, it will…if you commit to it.

It’s not easy. And it may not happen overnight, but if you approach it the way I did then I believe you and a coach will unlock something inside of you that you never knew existed. It’s that simple.


The majority of the world does not like their lives all that much and want change, however, so few do anything about it. The ones that do…well, they’re living the lives of their dreams. I can honestly say that I’m well on my way to being one of those people.

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