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Teresa S.

My journey towards Achieve Today began three and a half years ago when I entered a treatment facility for drug and alcohol addiction. I had spent the past 20 years numbing myself from trauma, pain, abuse, and insecurities. Throughout the next three years, I worked a 12-step program and attended weekly therapy sessions.

Teresa S Testimonial

I found deep fulfillment in serving other addicts in recovery yet felt that something was missing from my life.

My world got turned upside down this past year when I decided to leave my toxic 14-year marriage and filed for divorce. In the next several months, I felt a deep hunger emerge for "something more" out of life. The path of addiction recovery was the catalyst for this insatiable hunger for a deeper meaning to life. I furiously scoured the internet, books, articles...basically anything I could find that would give me glimmers to the answers I had arising within. Who am I? What is my life's purpose? Why am I here? I was plagued by feelings of homesickness without knowing where home was.

Every path kept leading me to the Law of Attraction, and it piqued my interest, yet I remained skeptical. Debilitating fears from past trauma kept stopping me from fully understanding the LOA, and I kept reverting to despair, leaving me feeling even more separated from the Oneness I so often read about.

Months passed, and I had almost given up. I was sitting in my car in my driveway and burst into tears. I cried out to God, demanding him to give me answers, and I told him I was exhausted and burnt out. I felt completely abandoned, and I said several choice words in my sorrow. Within 5 minutes, my phone rang. On the other side was Rob Mix from Achieve Today. I almost hung up on him as my skepticism and paranoia from being swindled in the past rushed in. But something told me to listen. And listen, I did. Rob's kind words of understanding led to a two hour conversation in which I let my heart out, cried, and finally felt a spark burning within - the spark I had been searching for. 

I didn't have any money, but I took a leap of faith and started working with Coach Gil the next week. On the initial phone call, I felt a peace, love, and understanding I had never felt before. Within an hour, all the answers I had been searching for for months - years - were answered. With Gil's intellectual and compassionate nature, the immediate connection and Oneness were felt across the miles. I finally felt home.

Over the following weeks, Gil intently listened to my obstacles of the week and guided me through barriers that had held me back even in addiction recovery and years of therapy - overcoming lifelong fears and doubts, forgiving myself, forgiving my ex-husband, trusting myself, finding a deep peace I had only read about, learning how to meditate and find stillness, start releasing the ocean of suppressed emotions, and start to find true happiness and joy. On the outside, life looks hard as a single mom of 6 wonderful kids, but I have never felt so much peace, joy, and love in my life. It's because I have found the answer to my questions because the answer was within me the whole time. I am the answer, and service to others is where my fulfillment lies.

In just six short weeks, I have started planning to live the life of my dreams by following my passions - learning how to heal myself so I can teach others how to heal themselves and know who they are. I am almost in disbelief how quickly the LOA works when I decided to surrender my past and choose not to be weighed down by my fears, traumatic experiences, and doubts. Money has been coming in from the most unexpected places, doors of opportunity on many fronts are opening so fast that I cry tears of joy and gratitude on a regular basis, I feel like a kid again who's able to dream and laugh along the way, I have overwhelming gratitude every day, I am the type of mother I've always admired in the past, I'm proud of myself, I no longer fear my past and am able to process through uncomfortable emotions with gaining ease, and I know I am love. I have found myself and know Self. 

I have now enrolled to be a coach myself, and the doors opening for this opportunity are blowing me away in many aspects of my life. I know the purpose of my life, and I look forward with child-like faith and trust that my life's purpose will show others how to achieve this.

I am happy. I am peaceful. I am grateful. I am home.

-Teresa S.

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