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Tom C.

Achieve Today Reviews
Tom C. Denville, New Jersey

I would love to take a moment to reflect on a law of attraction miracle that manifested into my experience with the help of my coach.

Just to give some background, a few months ago I was clutching on to dear life to a toxic person/relationship that was destroying my life. It made a serious impact to my overall vibration and was seriously hindering my progress and success.

I was in dire straits, people all around me wanted to help and told me I had to move on, but I was never ready to pull the trigger and to completely end it. Until one day my coach stayed on the phone with me and coached me through writing a letter that would end all communication until I pressed the send button. My coach knew that I would never be able to succeed until released this negative person out of my life. And now more than ever do I believe how much my coach wants to see me succeed.


Since that day about two months ago, I really started to love myself again, and was totally ok with being alone. I was actually excited to be alone again, and to really concentrate on myself.


Then bam…


A beautiful, smart, incredibly sweet woman enters my life. We’ve been on about 10 dates and it is unbelievable how I feel, it’s a buzzing sensation that is unlike any I have ever had before.


I attribute this woman entering my life because my coach helped me define exactly what I wanted in a partner and told me how to make a vision board of this imaginary person. And this new woman has just about every important characteristic that I was looking for. Just unreal.


She is the sweetest person ever, and she is sooooo nice to me… I am really happy!! I don’t know if she is the one, but only time will tell :)

I think that having a super positive woman/partner in my life is going to make my financial success become more attainable because my vibration is changing for the better, and I know that it all has to do with vibrations!! :)


So I give my deepest gratitude to my coach, and I hope to be writing about my new financial success in my next testimony!!

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